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Today we are going to analyze at the very fundamental level why a modern government, any modern government is deeply flawed. We can summarize this reason in a handy phrase: who watches the watchers?



Theoretically speaking, any modern government is based on some degree of representation. The general idea is that a territory is divided into smaller regions and the people in these regions choose (elect) a representative to speak for them and express their wishes. We can do this because we are sovereigns. Our will is the final expression of our desires. There is no hierarchy on top of us to whom we need to ask permission to. We are it!

These representatives then gather in a single location and agree to actions to be taken “for the good of the people”… or so they say.

Furthermore, every once in a while, representatives are chosen anew, to make sure they still represent the will of the people who chose them.

In this manner if a representative goes bad or performers in a manner not desired by the electors, this representative won’t be elected for another cycle. This is supposed to be the stick: do as we say or you are out of a job.

On the other hand, if a representative acts as it is expected, this person will be re-elected and will keep the job. This is the carrot: do as we say and you can keep the job forever.

In addition to this arrangement, the three basic powers of the government are separated so that no one power can become prevalent. Therefore, we have:

  • The Representative Branch
  • The Executive Branch
  • The Judicial Branch

The story then goes ;more or less like this. Once the representatives are elected, they elect the Executive Branch and this one, in turn, selects the Judicial Branch.

The Representative Branch is supposed to only pass resolutions which represent the will of the people.

The Executive Branch is supposed to put those resolutions into practice.

The Judicial Branch is supposed to mediate in the event of discrepancies.

Neither branch is supposed to be able to do the task of the other two.

All the branches are so divided so that you, and  only you, can maintain control over the entire government.

In Theory.

This Theory based on a set of rules written on papers.

Which everybody is supposed to abide by.

In Theory.



Now, for a change,  let’s take a peek at the ugly reality.



Let’s start with your representatives. Answer this question. Honestly.  When was the last time that a representative, any representative, in any formally Democratic country, performed your will?

- I see there is a gentleman at the back of the room raising his hand.

- Yes?

- Where is the bathroom?

- Oh, sorry, out that door and to your left.

- Anybody else? No?

- There you have it. The nays have it.

The truth is that no representative of yours, anywhere in the world, in any condition has ever performed your will. Why is this? Because the concept of representation is a flawed concept.

If you search the word “representative” in a dictionary you will find that it is a person that stands or acts for another or others; an agent or deputy, a legal representative.

We now have to take a small detour, but please keep the definition in mind.

There is a very old legal concept based on common law,  widely accepted throughout the world:  “He Who Can The Most, Can The Least”

This means that a representative, somebody that’s standing-in for you in a certain affair, must do only as instructed. It is so because this person has no independent will in this matter. This person represents your will.

Can this person do more than your will in this matter? Absolutely not. If this person would to do so, this person would not be a representative.

So the representative can do only as instructed or "The Least". Who then can do "The Most"? You. Only you.

Therefore, according to this ancient legal concept, a representative not only can do only as instructed, but you can take over their job and represent yourself any time you want. You can do this because you can do The Most.

However, in a Democracy you can’t. It’s a world turn upside down. Your representatives do not represent you. They do as they please and you cannot take over their jobs and represent yourself.

Now you know why you have this nauseous feeling every time you meet your representative. It is because this person only represents him/herself and his own interests.

As they do so, they then have the need to find some other mechanism to get re-elected. They use two of the most ancient means of conning people: deception and hope.

How do they do this? Simple: they lie.

They lie (or spin) reality to suit their needs; to appear to be doing your will and not theirs. Deception.

Then they lie again. They make promises they have no intention to fulfill. Hope.

And so they neutralize the carrot and the stick mechanism. They don’t need your approval any more, just your vote. And that can be obtained with just a little bit of misdirection.



Then we have the executive branch. This branch is only supposed to put representative’s decisions into practice, and through these decisions, your will.  However, they are into it for their own  personal reasons and personal gain. Hence, they cannot just sit and do nothing until the representatives tell them what to do. So they sign Decrees. Or Executive Orders. Or Edicts. Or Special Dictates. Or… or… or…

Executive branches throughout the world have developed a veritable zoo of strange names for what is nothing but naked, autocratic orders. They rule by controlling naked force (police and the military) through unquestionable and unchallengeable orders.

But then, how do this people stay in power? What? Did somebody in the room mentioned deception and hope? Yes my friend! You got it!

They lie and promise. Sounds familiar?

And so they don’t need you anymore. Just your vote.



We finally get to the last branch. The Judicial one. This branch is supposed to interpret the decisions of the representatives as best they can in order to resolve disputes. Yes, we said supposed to.

But what happens in reality?

It so happens that every single one of the representative’s decisions do not cover all possible eventualities. How could they? The number of possible scenarios is literally infinite.

So the Judges step in and fill the gaps with logic, opinions, gut feeling and, you guessed it, lies and deceptions.

In so doing, these Judges are actually modifying  the decisions the representatives took. This is, they are modifying your will as they see fit. In certain countries, their power go so far as to be able to create new law. In other words, artificial decisions having the same weight as the ones taken by the representatives, but without they being your will.



Let’s see how it goes:

  • You do not control your representatives
  • You do not control the executioners
  • You do not control the judges

No wonder you don’t feel in control of your life. You don’t control it! They do!

No wonder that everybody refers to “the government” as opposed to “my government”. They understand at the most intuitive level that the government is something apart from them. A different entity. A different species.

Let’s see the other side of this state:

  • The representatives control your life
  • The executioners control your life
  • The judges control your life

Again, you did mention that you were supposed to be in control of your life, didn’t you?

Feeling lonely and insecure yet? Now you know why. In essence you are a slave and you didn’t even know it.



But then the fixers are left in. Don’t you worry; we know that there are problems. We will fix them. All we need is a few good men to watch over the government. They will keep them in line.

But then, who will choose those good men? Well you could. We could have special elections. OK.

But then what guarantees do we have that these watchers will behave as expected?

You are right! But don’t you worry. We will set-up a few other good men who will make sure that the first group of good men perform as expected. And yes, you can elect these group too.

By now, you should know where all this is going. The reality is that you can place an infinite number of watch groups watching each other and still have no guarantee that the government will do what the government is supposed to do.

There is no solution here.

In essence, Who Watches The Watchers?

The solution?



This whole mess started because we granted the privilege of speaking for us (the sovereign ones) to other people. The solution is to take back that privilege that they were and are abusing. That’s our right.

If we were to do so, we would end up in an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system, whose central idea is that no government can represent you, only you can.

Our system is a system where we are all nations of one: we.

As such, we watch everybody else. However, we watch them not to ensure they do our will but to ensure that they only interact with our property through a voluntary agreement. In essence, our watching is limited to our property only. What they do with their property is strictly their own affair and we have no saying in it.

Our system is a system where other people cannot claim to represent us, while acting against our interests, freely and on an ongoing basis, while at the same time imposing those decisions on others.

People could claim to represent us, but if they act upon this premise, they would  be interacting with other people’s property without a voluntary agreement and hence be liable for the full extent of the damage.

People could claim to represent us and act against our interests, but if they do so, they would be interacting with our property without a voluntary agreement and hence they would be liable for the full extent of the damage.

People could claim to represent us, but they would be unable to do so freely and on an ongoing basis. Eventually our property would be interacted with without a voluntary agreement and hence they would be liable for the full extent of the damage.

People could claim to represent us but they would be unable to impose anything on anybody else, simply because they don’t own other people’s properties.

In other words, in an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system one would have to cheat against oneself so satisfy one’s wishes against one’s wishes.  Which sounds ridiculous because it is.

At the most basic level the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system cannot be cheated in the manner all Democratic governments cheat. It is impossible.

Therefore, we don’t need watchers simply because they are not necessary. We all watch to protect our property from others and that’s enough.

That’s more than enough.

It is reasonable, sensible, and more importantly, realistic.

Our system could be your system. It’s up to you, your choice, as usual.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.



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