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We are listening. You are full of ideas you would like us to tackle. Fair enough, this is your chance!

Yes, that's right. If you would like to make a suggestion, you will have to read the instructions. Life is not fair and neither is this site. Besides, we are only contributing to the general increase of Entropy in the universe which is a natural process after all. But not to worry, instructions are not that difficult.


The rules are simple. You suggest, they vote, we decide.

You post a suggestion and hopefully people will vote for it. After a while (we haven't yet decided how long), we will take a look at the winners and see what's feasible within our *very* limited resources.

In any event, we will post our decision right below the suggestion.

Happy suggesting!



STEP #1: Post a suggestion.

Go to the Board.

Register or Login.

You will notice right away there is a new forum: Article Topics.

Article Topics

Go to the forum and post a suggestion as a regular forum post.

Regular Post

If you prefer, you can post a suggestion which includes a Poll.

Post With Poll

You are done!

Note: DO NOT post suggestions in any other forum, they will be ignored.


STEP #2: Vote for a suggestion.

Go to the Board.

Register or Login.

Go to the Article Topics forum and select the Suggestion you are interested in voting for.

On the right hand side at the top of the article you will notice a new icon. Click on it to vote for the suggestion.


If you change your mind and would like to remove your vote, go to the same article and you will see that the icon has changed. Click on it to remove your vote.

Remove Vote

You are done!


STEP #3: Review the suggestion score

Go to the Board.

Register or Login.

You will notice that there is a new item in the header called Suggestions Toplist. Click on it to see how the voting is going.

The Score

You are done!



The rating for each suggestion is calculated as a percentage of the suggestion with the highest number of votes. For example:

Suggestion #1 has 4 votes.

Suggestion #2 has 2 votes.

Suggestion #3 has 1 vote.

The rating is as follows:

Suggestion #1: 100%

Suggestion #2: 50% (2/4)

Suggestion #3: 25% (1/4)


START HERE (to the Forum)


Your input is always welcome, even if we may be unable to satisfy your wish. For this, we thank you.

The crew at F&P.

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