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People writing articles in this site are all workers. Yes indeed, we work hard to achieve what we want. When we were young, we were dissatisfied with our working conditions and pay. As we grew up we were dissatisfied with our respective government’s responses to our needs. But then, a mermaid’s voice announced: workers of the world, unite! And we listened. And we were told of this magical place, this worker’s paradise, where we could get all that we deserved. And we looked closer. And we discovered that it wasn’t paradise but hell.

Everything has a price, there is no free lunch. And we became Absolute Austro-Libertarians.

But not to worry. There is a new generation of suckers being born every day. It would seem that now is the turn of Venezuelan’s workers to listen to the mermaid. It would seem that Venezuela is the new worker’s paradise.

Or maybe not. According to the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal in its article “Total Collapse”, there is a large number of large crises, the government is trying to deal with. It would seem that thanks to the massive nationalization of business that took place over the last decade or so, the workers are now enjoying the following benefits in their paradise:

  • Electrical emergencies (blackouts)
  • Food emergencies (massive shortages)
  • Health emergency (health system collapse)
  • Hyperinflation
  • Magnicide attempts (a large number of assassination attempt of key government officials)
  • Infrastructure emergency (critical decay of roads and highways)

We are pretty sure Venezuelan workers  must be delighted with all the wonderful decisions that their government took over so many years just to get them to this point in history where they can enjoy the fruit of their labor in peace and happiness.

But not to worry. If there are a few minor issues, the government is on it. They know exactly who the culprits are: the Empire, the Right and Fascism.  According to the newspaper, the President declared that he knew the exact dates of meetings in the White House, the attendee list and their plans.

The solution? Simple. Militarization of state enterprises. That will teach them!

Incidentally, not even the USSR went that far even in the worst of WWII. Guess that’s progress in the worker’s paradise….

However, we do see the need for such drastic measures, considering that:

  • There is an economic bomb that will explode in October
  • Food will be affected
  • Electricity will be affected
  • Gas and other energetics will be affected
  • Refineries will be affected
  • There are saboteurs everywhere (call “0800-sabotaje” if you know anything)

Very unfortunately, despite the deployment of all forces and the control maintained in all institutions, refineries continue to explode, blackouts continue to appear, hospitals collapse and inflation remains unstoppable.

Yes, we are not making this stuff up. It is really what’s happening in Venezuela and what the Venezuelan President is saying. Actually, we could not make this stuff up even if we wanted to, because it is so farfetched that nobody would believe us anyways.

The beauty of this situation (if there is any) is to highlight in an overwhelming, unquestionable, obvious, in-your-face, manner that communist or socialist style governments do not work. It’s not that they can’t make them work. Of course they can, for as long as there is money to burn. Once the money is gone, the system collapses. As the President said: Total Collapse.

There is no doubt that the US has a vested interest in Venezuela’s collapse. There is no doubt in our mind that the CIA is playing as many games as it possibly can up there (yes the world really is inverted and south America is at the top).

However, at the end of the day, neither the US nor the CIA combined are capable of causing even a fraction of the total debacle that’s happening in Venezuela. For that, you need a government!

Truth be told, we don’t get that many opportunities to poke fun at such  incompetent government styles any longer. We miss this blood sport. Most governments have learned to go stealth, and slowly (but surely) bleed us for as long as possible.

The lesson to be taken home is that the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system is defective and deficient. It is not fully developed. It has been proven, but not at a global level.  It can be infiltrated. It can be transformed in something else. It is flawed, slow to assimilate and full of so many errors and omissions that it would take us forever to list.

However… you knew this would come…it is the very best system we have and can aspire to. Today. Tomorrow it will be something else.

Today. It’s all it takes.

Your choice.

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