1 - Who are we?

We are people just like you. We are not corporate lackeys, crazies, sell-outs, government spies, right wing extremists or any other strange mix of deluded people. We are just like you: fathers and mothers, friends, relatives, poor and rich, left and right, religious and non-believers, acquaintances and strangers from many continents around the world. Just like you.

2 – Why are we doing this?

Because although we began our political journey as something else, we have all reached the conclusion that democracy is at its end. We have searched the world and our souls and found only one path forward. We are here to tell you about it.

3 – What is our political affiliation?

None! We are Absolute Austro-Libertarians. Quite a mouthful, we know. However, it is quite simple to understand. As Absolute Libertarians we believe in people, not governments. As addicts to Austrian Economics, we believe in free markets, not controlled economies.

4 - Where are we from?

We are from everywhere! We are truly international and as such we cover the world. Why are we doing this? Why are we not Asian-centric or US-centric or EU-centric which is where power consolidates? Because the entire world is in trouble. The entire planet is polluted by failed democratic systems and impossible economic managers. The entire planet needs a solution, and that solution is the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system.

5 – Oh great! Another group of theoretical lunatics!

Not really. We are only interested in theory insofar it provides the building blocks towards a practical Austro-Libertarian world. We are interested primarily in the workings of an Austro-Libertarian world and how it compares with the current one. We are practical people and are here to provide practical answers. This website includes our discoveries and our doubts, our epiphanies and our failures. We are here to show you what it could be -the good and the bad- for you to make a choice. In essence, we are here to educate. The rest is up to you.

6 – OK, you got me. Tell me more.

Simple. You could:

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And if you are convinced, please consider contributing your Austro-Libertarian thoughts as an Author.

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