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We woke-up today hoping it would be a good day. Not a chance. While browsing Google News we came across a small article about the latest vote in the Swiss canton of Ticino. As the Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune reports in its article “Anti-burka initiative: Swill canton set to ban full-face veil”, the people in that canton have indeed demonstrated that ignorants do not monopolize stupidity.

The Swiss, intelligent, civilized, cultivated, self-controlled, organized, patriotic and disciplined, have thrown whatever little resemblance of common sense they may still had out of the window.

This measure in and by itself is pure stupidity, of course. However, what’s behind it’s even worse. It would seem that the primary motivation for such a vote was the propaganda design and set-up by right wing activists with some sort of anti-Islamic agenda. And the Swiss fell for it. Or they were too weak to understand it. Or whatever. They screwed-up.

We can sense the real hot button behind the peoples vote: demographics.

Over the last decade or so, Europe (including Switzerland) has been observing a “worrying” demographic shift towards a large Muslim population. In other words, the Muslims have far more children than non-Muslims. And this is beginning to show.

White people (you know, those who have the “right” skin colour) are dully worried. Their little piece of civilization is being threatened by hordes of heretics who are, most likely, terrorists!

Yes! We need to get rid of all Muslims in EU, starting with Switzerland (although, technically speaking, Switzerland does not belong to the EU).

The truth, of course, can be found in a completely different place.

The reason for the decline of native EU population is, hold on to your hats: civilization. That’s right!

This fact has been known to sociologist and biologists for a very long time. As soon as a group of people becomes dominant and in a geographic region and their physical needs are satisfied, they turn to leisure. This shift of pattern implies lower birth rate because children necessitate a large investment in time and money that these new rich group does not want.

At the same time, all this new riches attracts the poorer population from other regions, which, have not yet achieved such degree of riches. Hence, these groups have the biological imperative to be more prolific.

Presto! A demographic change.

This is nothing but a natural process. It is not  political, religious, social, economic, psychological or extremist. It’s just how people behave.

What all these right wing idiots don’t want you to know, is that this very same process will eventually take care of the entire situation. What do they think will happen as soon as the first generation of newborns grows up in riches? You guessed it! They will stop having babies!!!

Balance will be restored. It that’s what troubles the Ultra-Right.

But then, of course, that’s not the issue with them. As with any political party, what they really want is power. They will seek it by any means necessary. If this implies using this demographic shift, they will do so.

In an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system these kinds of problems do not exist, at least not to this degree.

To begin with, you have absolute rights to your body. If you want to wear a burka it’s your decision. If you want to walk buck naked, it’s your decision. If you want to wear a flaming turban with your body painted in red polka dots while skating on sand singing La Marseillaise and eating a cheese sandwich, that’s your right. As long as you are either in your property or have the necessary privileges to do so.

Furthermore, as in an Absolute Austro-Libertarian system economic conditions tend to an equilibrium, this is, everywhere in the world you have the approximate same ones, all the birth rates tend to synchronize.

In the end, no one race have the demographic advantage, actually they all decline, which, incidentally, helps solving the overpopulation catastrophe that so many futurologists have been predicting.

However, for as long as governments exist and people can be force to do with their property whatever other people say, we will stay put in a place where ignorants do not monopolize stupidity.

The choice is yours. Be stupid or be real. As you wish.

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