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The world is full of physical boundaries and limits and as if this would not be enough, governments insist in create artificial ones. To make matters worse, they insist in create virtual boundaries that diminish our capacity to improve other people's knowledge thus diminishing our ability to improve our standards of living.

The so-called Intellectual Property Rights (IPR's) are one of such pernicious synthetic frontiers which at the same time hurt us while artificially improving the profits of large corporations with the means to make them work in their favour. This is no surprise since said corporations also have the means to influence politicians into the creation of such intellectual aberrations as IPR's.

Let's be clear. We are not against profits, on the contrary, we are all for them. But the only condition we demand is that profits must only come from serving customers and not through the imposition of artificial monopolies that governments can be biased to produce.

As such, this index represents our current thinking about IPR's, or more precisely, why IPR's (as currently understood) should have never existed in the first place. We explore this subject from moral, religious, legal and political perspectives culminating with our very own Theory of Intellectual Property Rights.


Lesson #



Intellectual Property Rights Are Dumb


Knocking Down Intellectual Property Rights


A New Theory Of Intellectual Property Rights


Privacy And Intellectual Property


Finally A Religious Position About Copyright



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