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 "Of all our freedoms, the right to decide for ourselves over our own property is the most important one." F&P

Voting is the exact opposite of this freedom because it validates and provides legitimacy to people who will subsequently limit our power to make decisions without our knowledge, agreement or consent.

 Luckily enough, not all "citizens" vote. Why? The historical reasons include apathy, disillusionment with the political structure and the certain belief that their one vote will not count at all when and where it matters: on personal properties. In other words, the reasons stem from the realization that voting is not only useless but counterproductive and dangerous.

Many voters are of the opinion that those who not vote are letting others decide for them how their futures will unfold. The reality is that whether you vote or not, you have no power whatsoever on deciding how your future will unfold because you are simply not represented. When it comes the time for politicians to implement policies, your opinion counts for exactly zero! There is no real point in voting. At all.

"Should things go wrong at any time, the people will set them to rights by the peaceable exercise of their own will without the need for any elective process." F&P

For centuries we have seen people rise up and demand the right to vote. Why? Historically, their motivation was the quest for freedom and empowerment of personal liberties. They strongly believed that their one vote really did count. For those  reasons they were compelled to vote for the leaders they trusted who would help them enjoy newfound freedoms. This is the key idea behind representational governments. But what happens -as it happens today- when representatives do not represent voters and they become the very source of destruction of our personal liberties and freedom? Do we continue to vote them? Certainly not!

"Nobody will ever deprive people from their right to reject voting except themselves and the only way they could do that is by voting" F&P

Most countries have crafted a Constitution which usurpates (steals) our rights and freedoms allowing only those which ensure the voice of the government will be the only one heard. When people vote the system of government functions as it should thus enslaving its citizens. However, as with all freedoms the rejection of voting carries with it vital responsibilities. 

People offer a variety of reasons for ducking this responsibility, yet all of them amount to excuses. Still, those who refuse this choice feel no restriction on their right to complain. They will not voice their opinions when it matters by rejecting voting, yet feel entitled to express them at all other times. Few things are as pathetic and irresponsible than someone who complains about government but who refuses to voice that opinion where it most matters – in the rejection of voting.


Modern democracy demands a dis-informed electorate which is its prerequisite. When electorates become informed, this constitutes a failure and an inadequacy for the purposes of modern democracies rendering the entire system ineffective.

As voters are deliberately dis-informed and mis-informed as to what is going on in politics, they cannot rationally participate in government policy, even if by some sort of miracle they could do so through their so-called representatives. Witht the participation of people in the voting process, politicians can disregard their needs and wants which they are not interested in understand nor realize.

"So long as I do not firmly and irrevocably possess the right make my own decisions through the process of rejecting voting, I do not possess myself. I cannot make up my mind - it is made up for me. I cannot live as a free person observing other people's property rights that I have helped to free - I can only submit to the edict of others." F&P

This is particularly troubling in times of war when the state involves us in such activities against our will. It is also important in issues such as healthcare when the government removes the free market processes which would lead to affordable and efficient care. It is critical when the state dictates and executes foreign policy against other people which have no interaction whatsoever with us. It is important when the government steals and redistributes our wealth without our consent to other people under the disguise of "social security" and thus destroying the free market forces that would make such redistribution unnecessary. It is of supreme importance when the state usurpates education and forces and enforces their socialistic curriculum onto entire generations.

Inadequate knowledge has two major negative consequences for freedom:

  1. First, it prevents any meaningful reflection about the destruction of our own will in democratic systems.
  2. Second, it sustains the case for a modern democracy as a system that serves the interest of politicians and elites through manipulation and propaganda in order to appeal to an ignorant electorate and retain pseudo-legitimacy in the process of wining office.

In order to reject voting with informed intelligence and exert meaningful destructive influence over a government, free thinkers at a minimum must take the time to:

  • Become aware of the voting/non-voting issue's existence
  • Understand the opposing government/politicians' position on the issue
  • Develop an informed position on the issue

"The future of all free people is in the hands of all those who reject voting" F&P


One measure of the strength of a modern democracy is the participation of its younger dis-informed, misinformed and deluded citizens (remember the Hitler Youth or the Young Pioneer Organization of the USSR?). However, many young citizens are unfamiliar with the concept of political evolution and the importance of not voting unless they grew up in a family that was politically enlightened, or happened to have taken a philosophy course where real critical thinking was taught.

Like work discipline perhaps vote rejection discipline can be learned too. We must impress upon younger people the truth: that rejecting voting is a freedom they should exercise since it directly affects their life and future.

Time, energy and a focus on Libertarian principles must be invested in younger people. The creation of an entire generation of non-voters will have extremely positive effects for decades to come. If concerned parties do not step up, the political trap called modern democratic system threatens to decimate the importance of vote rejection for future generations.

All rights to our property (including our bodies) are absolute and only through voluntary contracts can we acquire responsibilities and obligations. Our rights deserve our utmost attention and vigilant protection. Achieving the decision to reject voting will prove to be a hard fought -yet natural- accomplishment for all races and genders of our future.

Now that every person in the world has the opportunity to reject voting, they should exercise this decision. So, let your voice be heard and DON'T VOTE!


Every vote discounts from our ability to become free from government impositions. Every vote discounts removing legitimacy and validation to politicians and social contracts. Every vote discounts our steps towards a Libertarian future. Every vote discounts your power over your own life and properties. Every vote discounts. Never forget that. Or not.

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