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Government DisobedienceOne of the first lessons that children learn is to obey their parents. This is, of course, part of our survival instinct. It is hardwired in our brain. It could not be otherwise since if a child would have to understand the world purely through experience, this child would be surely dead. Parents act as temporary safeguards teaching us the basic rules of reality until we reach a point at which we can begin to experience our surroundings by ourselves in a safe and controlled manner. Unfortunately, this is the same metaphor and methodology that governments, states and ultimately politicians have chosen for our future: blind obedience. Of course, this could not be otherwise since without control they can't keep spending and without spending they are out of their cushy jobs. But what really irritates us is that not satisfied with utterly crushing the will of the people, these same politicians have the guts to demonize the concept of Civil Disobedience. Yet, Civil Disobedience seems to have sort of a split personality.


Civil Disobedience does not happen very frequently, but when it happens it is a clear sign that things "went too far" and that politicians have crossed one of those arbitrary lines that drones citizens continue to draw hopelessly on the sand. Under these circumstances most people recognize that Civil Disobedience is "good". It is "good" to have a little revenge… just not too much… you know… we don't really want to topple the system. It is good to "show them" that we won't take it anymore. It feels good to "do something about it"….today…tomorrow it will be another day and we will need those very same politicians to run the system. Of course, politicians know this and they recognize these small doses of rebellion for what they are: pressure release valves and nothing more. No imminent threat there.


However and in general politicians understand that if Civil Disobedience would to spread over geography and time, this would make it impossible for them to rule over us. As such they have taken many preventative actions (i.e. public education first and propaganda second) to make absolutely sure that all drones citizens are properly indoctrinated in the "correct" obedience discipline. Obey the state is the mantra. If you do not do so, we will punish you through our brute force monopoly (police and/or "state" security apparatus). This is the "bad" Civil Disobedience.

We understand this point of view (understanding your enemy is the first step in defeating it) but we still despise them. The problem is that politicians not contempt with having so thoroughly brainwashed the population, they keep talking and insisting about the evils of Civil Disobedience. Of course, they don't often call it "Civil Disobedience", they call it by other synonyms such as "tax evasion" or "law breaking" or "regulation avoidance" or "suspicious activities" or "people of interest" and a large list of other nonsensical bureaucratic terms. Apparently and according to politicians, these term all represent very, very bad people and if you don't behave properly and obediently the big, bad police will come at night and take you to hell prison.


In order to begin to understand all this, we need to go back and understand the current democratic system. This system is supposed to operate as a social contract whereby we all relinquish some of your rights in return for important benefits such as security. In order to achieve an effective and efficient state that will watch over us, we elect those who we will gift our rights to for as long as they do as we tell them to do (i.e. our "representatives").

There is, of course, a tinsy, winsy problem with this model: it does not work! At all! To begin with, Social Contracts Are A Scam and those who we elect do not represent us and do not execute our will (see Politicians And Bureaucrats Job Security Through Misery) while at the same overstepping their authority. As such instead of security we get a prison (see Your Country Is Your Prison Cell).

Under those circumstances democracy is not just broken, it is irrevocably dead. The rationale is simple. Politicians are supposed to be elected by voters and this is supposed to ensure that they will enact policies according to people's will. This being the case, people would not have any logical reason to disobey those policies because they were wished by them in the first place! Yet, for some strange reason they seem to insist that they don't like them. What a mystery to ponder!

Not really.

Wouldn't it be the case that those policies had nothing to do with our will and everything to do with politicians' private desires? This would clearly explain why so many people are so enraged by certain policies… or all policies in general (see In Government We Distrust). Nooooo. This would be too easy. The explanation must be some convoluted and spinned out of control pseudo-psychological theory based on flawed political thinking. Yeah… that's it! Hallucinogenic spin doctor anyone?


From our perspective -other than the fact that democracy is irrevocably broken which we believe have sporadically mentioned here and there- the issue is simple. What we are seeing day in and day out is Government Disobedience. This is quite easy to explain. Governments are supposed to enact our will yet, politicians do not do this. They enact their private will. As such our governments are clearly and irrevocably in disobedience to our mandates. The so-called Civil Disobedience is nothing more than we, the people, demonstrating our deepest displeasure with Government Disobedience. The very concept of Civil Disobedience is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms since free people cannot disobey themselves… unless they are not free. As all laws are unjust because they don't represent our will, all people are not only in their right to disobey them; they are obligated to do so in order to recover their freedom. F&P

And for those who believe that the current state of affairs is OK because we live in a democracy where majority rules and only minorities complain we have a few thoughts to offer:

  • We did not choose this system. The system enslaved us.
  • There is no option to opt out. Why? What are politicians afraid of?
  • The idea that majority rules is ludicrous. When was the last time you reviewed in detail what your representative and government is doing? And we mean in detail. Go through their decisions and you will find that you disagree with most of them, even if you voted for that party. This is true for most people. But if most people disagree with most government actions this means that government actions do not represent the will of the majority! Ergo, the majority does not rule.
  • Furthermore, where is it written that the tyranny of the majority is OK? Governments are supposed to play minimum roles in our lives yet they now control it almost completely. The original idea was to have a government to ensure mutual safety against aggressors and leave the rest to our decisions to us. Yet today all our decisions are taken or affected by the state!


It is for this reason, for the constant bombardment of dis-information and re-definition of terms that we write today. We are sick and tired of politicians purposely confusing the issues while getting away with the loot like thieves in the night… and we are not being metaphoric.

But then again, if you believe that democracies are OK and politicians are representing you and implement your will, how is it possible that you are still taxed? Just a thought…

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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