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"Every voter in a democracy, regardless of their intelligence or beliefs, solidifies the security of all politicians" F&P

An informed non-voter is a prerequisite for a freer society. Therefore:

  • Parents should use this report to discuss the importance of not voting with their children.
  • Teachers can share the message with students to engage discussion about the obsolescence of democracy.
  • Churches can educate their congregation to be informed on critical issues created by politicians.
  • Politicians can't use this article to continue lying and con people to participate in an utterly flawed government system.
  • Media can use this report to help better inform people in order to help them understand why avoiding voting is critically important.
  • Every person should read it to understand their rights and responsibilities as free people and not as slaves of the state.

The right to decide by ourselves and not be enslaved by those enshrined through votes is one of the most important liberties we have and those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must not support the vehicle for oppression (the state).

"Democratic countries will never be destroyed from the outside. If we continue voting and loose whatever freedom to decide we have left, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." F&P


"Voting is a sustained imposition and deception that accompanies and protects the jobs and privileges of politicians in a modern democratic society! F&P

Voting is a universal deception applied in myriad of ways. Voting takes place for a Pope, Union Leader, Team Captain, CEO and even for a Board of Directors.

As Juror's, we lawyers bias our vote for innocence or guilt; as Judges, contestants bias our vote for Beauty Queens; as Family members our family bias our vote for what or where we eat dinner; and as citizens politicians bias our votes to elect them as leaders.

The duties or responsibilities of a citizen in a Democratic Society can be separated in two groups: imposed and invalid responsibilities, such as being robbed (taxed) and duties (mostly) not demanded by law but demanded through other means (state education and political propaganda), such as voting. The so-called "right to vote" is in reality an artificially imposed duty and responsibility to ensure the privilege of politicians "legitimizing" their mandate.

Modern democracies use many methods to impose the obligation to vote (suffrage) to as many adult citizens and residents as possible. This obligation and fraud is known as "universal suffrage". Indeed, "one person one vote" is seen as a hallmark of un-representative democracies.

We describe modern democracy as "government from the people, by politicians and for politicians". This is so because once elected politicians cease to represent anybody but themselves. For that government to be "by politicians" it requires to be legitimized from the people who need to be deceived into voting a pre-determined so-called leader.

"Under every view of the subject, it seems indispensable that the mass of the citizens should be without a voice in making the laws which they are forced to obey and in choosing the magistrates who are to administer them" F&P

Without imposed and biased elections, there can be no modern democratic society. Without the constant lack of accountability of government officials (politicians and bureaucrats) to the voters, there can be no assurance of any of their privileges and the denial of our rights. The so-called "right to vote" is not only a managed imposition; it is also a pillar of un-representative and tyrannical (i.e. modern) government.

The so-called "right to vote" is one of the most critical impositions on people which is absolutely necessary to maintain the deception of democratic freedom. Those who believe in this deception are made to believe in its vehicle: the vote.

By fulfilling your imposition of expressing yourself with the vote, you have preserved the modern democratic system and all the privileges and advantages that politicians and bureaucrats reap. You must never forget that voting is a sustained imposition and deception that accompanies and protects the jobs and privileges of politicians in a modern democratic society.


Does my refusing to vote really count? Is it worth it? These are questions with a long history of debate. You may feel like the lone sane voice in a shouting match, but the answer to both of these questions is YES!

The truth is that your vote does not count because it does not guarantee you any representation, even if the candidate that you have voted actually won (for an in-depth explanation see Politicians And Bureaucrats Job Security Through Misery). The truth is that even if this would not be the case (a politician would actually represent you), your vote is only one amongst the vast number of voters in any electoral system and as such the number of individuals is so vast that a representative can only spend seconds (or less) per year representing you. It is not even physically possible to do so.

The idea that some politician has won the "popular vote" or a majority and therefore deserves to govern over everybody is nonsensical. Not only this person is not representing anybody of those who voted for him, but he is also not representing those who did not vote for him. Yet, this person imposes his view on everybody and enforces this view through the monopolistic use of force (police)! There you have it, a representation of one speaking for everybody.

"Are you willing to spend time studying the issues, making yourself aware and then convey that information to your family and friends? Recognize that governments can only exist by invading and stealing our personal power and freedom for them. This invasion is in ultimate analysis an assault upon your life and your business. If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he will eat you last." F&P

The idea that the politician at the top of a hierarchical structure (be it a Prime Minster, President, Chairman or King) somehow represents voters in a legitimate manner just because this person won in different segregated areas of a country (i.e. through some sort of Electoral College) is lunacy. If a politician cannot represent people who voted for him directly, a politician elected by those politicians is at least twice removed from any valid representation! Electoral Colleges are nothing but higher levels of fraud.

If most people would no longer vote, no country could survive as a democratic entity and the artificial rules that limit us (see Your Country Is Your Prison Cell) would begin to disappear until we would reach a point When Countries Dissolve.

As any elected politician does not represent you, the notion that if you do not vote you will be unable to influence the government is a myth. Let's be clear. Your vote does not influence anything.

More importantly, however, not voting takes away the "will of the majority that governs a country, and replaces it with the will of the minority". This should be our goal because in ultimate analysis the will of the minority is your will. The only way to represent your will is for you to exercise it on your own affairs. In order to do so, the imposed "will of the majority" must disappear. F&P

Voting in any type of elections, from local to Presidential (or other high level) elections provides an important way to validate what politicians have sold you through their propaganda and marketing campaigns. Voting also helps you delude yourself regarding any decision you may have about your future by electing the person who most effectively marketed him or herself.

"Voting is not a fundamental right. Voting is simply a logistical arrangement among free people to decide how to act on a mutual property." F&P

As such, by itself the act of voting cannot create any sort of rights over other people's properties. If through voting, other people's properties are interacted with without a previous owner's voluntary agreement, this is simply an aggression against personal property. Sometimes this aggression will be executed as theft and sometimes as trespassing or any other form of use or abuse. Politically enforced policies created and implemented by "dully elected officials" are nothing more than a scam (for a deeper explanation see Social Contracts Are A Scam),

It is true that voting was one of the most cherished rights (as understood by modern democratic standards) for which many people fought, fight, died and continue to die for. However, we must recognize that taking these acts out of context is disingenuous. All those people who fought and continue to fight did so as part of their political evolution when the right to vote was indeed a step forward towards freedom from their current governments. For most countries, this is no longer the case. Modern democracies have substituted existing tyrannies with new democratic tyrannies or oligarchies. The next step forward is Libertarianism (see The Law of Political Systems Direction) and for this to happen, you must not vote. The act of refusing to vote must be used with the utmost consideration and care.

  • Voting is the process of privileging politicians and enslaving fellow inhabitants.
  • Voting is the process of enshrining the ethics of lies (see Government Morality).
  • Voting is the process that ensures we will never be part of any government because we are not represented by any part of it.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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