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Apple came up with a new fingerprint biometric login system in the new iPhone 5s. About 48 hrs after the release of said gadget, the Chaos Computer Club hacked the system, or so the BBC News announced in their article “Apple Touch ID fingerprint tech ‘broken’, hackers say”.

The issue is that biometric security systems have always been doubtful, particularly fingerprints.  They can be copied and reproduced with ease.

But that’s not the issue. Does this ease of hacking into your private information bothers you? Do you feel unease? You should. But not for the reasons you may think.

The issue is not that somebody may hack into your little device. The issue is not that companies routinely spy on everything and every trace you leave on the net or surrounding areas.

Data harvesting is nothing new. It’s been going on since the beginning of human history. What do you think that historians where doing back then? Would you not consider somebody very intrusive if this person would be writing a book about you against your wishes? Of course you would!

The issue is not data harvesting, the issue is governments. Companies do realize that there is money to be made in data harvesting, trafficking and exploiting. Again, this is nothing new. All companies do it to a large or minor degree. And yes, from all this data manipulation, some people may experience some issues.

But the problem is not that. The problem is government. You can bet that any and all digital data that you may have ever left on the net is on somebody’s database. And that database can be accessed by the government. Privacy is long gone.

Governments cannot acquire all this data overtly (at least not yet) but they can do it covertly. Why do you think that the US government loves Google and Facebook? Because they are doing the data harvesting for them. This way everything is neat and clean. We don’t appear to have massive surveillance systems in place; all we have is a neat number of companies selling data to governments based on clean, fully lawful contracts.

What’s in it for the companies? Besides money? Leverage. Do you honestly think that if a company gets  threatened by something so annoying as a Parliament or a Congress they wouldn’t be talking to their friends in the “Intelligence Community” to fix this “problem”. Do you honestly think that elements of said “Intelligence Community” would not be “suggesting” the honorable members of the parliament or congress to cease and desist?

One hand washes the other. It’s the old military-industrial complex Eisenhower (the former US president) warned about. Only this time is it is pervasive, world-wide and unstoppable.

So, if you feel unease when handling your little gadget, GOOD!

So, if you feel unsure if you should be sharing more information on the net, GOOD!

As a reminder, may Apple overconfidence be with you. Always.

Paranoia is a good thing when there are people out there, out to get you. And they are, there is no doubt about it.

In ultimate analysis, it’s your choice. Be a victim or a survivor. Your move.

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