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Pakistani Russian Roulette VotersThe what? This is the statement that Imran issued last Saturday before the expected by-election in Pakistan. But what is this NA-246? It is a single constituency (yes, one seat only) which happens to be the location where the Pakistani National Assembly (i.e. parliament) has its home. If you are interested in more info, head to The Express Tribune and read their articles.

Why is NA-246 considered of "vital" importance? Because historically speaking it was interpreted as the "will of the people" and its winner the clear dominating party in the region. That's right. One seat.

Can't be, right?

Well, it is.

And why is it so? Because Pakistan, just like any other place on earth, is controlled by politicians who are always looking to get one more point over their adversaries and so retain their jobs. In this elections Pakistanis will have the "privilege" to vote for one of the following parties:

  • Jamaat-e-Islami. This is a social-conservative movement which is based on the modern revolutionary re-thinking of Islam. In other words, religious socialists leaning towards an Islamic state. Yeah… just what the world needs. Yet another totalitarian (and this time religious) quasi-communist government.
  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. This is the biggest party in Pakistan. It is defined as centrist, welfarist, nationalist, and communitarian. It abrogates for an Islamic, democratic welfare state. In other words, socialist leaning towards communism.
  • Muttahida Qaumi Movement. It represents mostly Urdu-speaking Pakistanis, it has a history of boycotting elections, plenty of alleged violence and designated in Canada as a "terrorist organization". Great! One more firm hand to lead Pakistan.

And that's pretty much it! So Pakistanis can now choose between totalitarism from the left or outright terrorism. Great choices! What's the worse that can happen? That one of those parties actually wins the election… oh… wait… one of those parties won the election…nevermind….

But this is all inconsequential. What is consequential is the ridiculous concept that one person, that's right, one, can represent what people really want. WOW! When they elect this person we would really, really like to meet him or her because it must be really, really awesome! Just imagine. This person will probably be able to read millions of minds, process the information and act according to everybody's will. Impressive!

Do you get now why we believe that democracy is not only a joke, but a very bad, very expensive joke on you! Of course the politicians from those three parties want to win. Of course they want to "shape" the future of Pakistan. Of course they want power. All that goes without saying. The real question is what is that each and every one of all Pakistanis actually want. One Pakistani at the time. We are willing to bet that not one is in complete, total and absolute agreement with any of those parties. Furthermore, we are willing to bet that no party member is equally in total and complete agreement with party policies. Let's get real. Democracy does not work. We don't need more of this. We don't need more of the same. Yet, this is exactly what Pakistani people will get. Until they stop. Just stop.

Or not. Or keep voting. Keep dreaming. Keep believing. True believers are always very useful idiots when it comes to political parties. Somebody has to attend rallies and vote as instructed. Because you do feel comfortable in such a role, right? Thought so.

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