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Human Cargo


Go ahead, be a human being!

Then we have the issue the documentary makes a big deal of: people are not treated as people but as assets. Yet in many scenes that's exactly the opposite of what we see and what we are told by the traffickers. They try to treat their customers well. This makes sense as in a free market (and this is a free market) your business is fully dependent from your customers. If the news spread that an organization mistreats the migrants, then the migrants will simply go with a different organization. It may sound strange, but smuggling people is a service operation which is fully dependent upon the will of the customer! Serve or go bankrupt.

Furthermore, the conditions in which they are treated are far less than optimal precisely because there are people with guns and badges enforcing through brute force what the US said it will not do, this is, to restrict immigration. These conditions are dictated mostly by what the US does, not what the smugglers can afford.

It is true that migrants are extorted money but all in all migrants continue to use their service. Which tells us that even with the extortion process the price is still "right". People want this "product" and they are willing to pay the price. This is, yet again, something that smugglers tell us time and time again in the documentary. People want in into the US and are willing to pay for the service. As such, they want to be treated as best as possible and this is an expectation that must be fulfilled by the smugglers.

Go ahead, keep your money!

Another interesting spin from the documentary is the fact that they make a big deal about the money migrants must pay to enter the US, yet they do very little about the obscene amounts of money that the US spends building the border fence and militarizing the whole region to the tune of 2.3 billion USD for the fence and about 4.5 billion for the militarization. And the question to US citizens is: why? Wouldn't this money be better spent creating schools and improving hospitals? Or even better; when did you agree to this expenditure? Or even more better; when did you agree to be robbed through taxation?

In a Libertarian system as there are no governments, all property border limits would be strictly imposed by property owners using their own money to pay for it instead of yours.

Go ahead, don't take any nonsense!

And lastly we have the most deluded expression of them all "we take a lot of pride and joy in our ability to rescue these people, to save them from these situations". Well... what can we say. Considering that the US government is creating the conditions for these kinds of situations to exist, basically what this statement is saying is that they take a lot of pride and joy in their abilities to rescue people from situations that the US government created in the first place! And this coming from a US government employee!

How much more deluded can these people be? But then again, they are US government employees and as such they are being paid to follow US governments dictums no matter how idiotic they may be.

Go ahead, have a job!

In the end we must look at the root cause of the migration "problem". Why would people want to get into the US so desperately? Is it because they are drug smugglers, arms and human traffickers and bad people all around, right? Well…no. Almost all people migrating to the US simply want a better life and are willing and able to work very, very hard to achieve it. Think about it. Most so-called "illegal" migrants have no rights in the US and as such they are not entitled to receive any "social" government aid and they know it (with a few exceptions). Study after study has shown that in general terms immigration is positive for the economy (see Immigration Policies Are The Ultimate Monopoly). Migrants want into the US simply because the economic conditions are better than in Mexico. And why is this so? Basically because in Mexico the overwhelming power of the corrupt state (i.e. a kleptocracy) has robbed them of their future since about 200+ years ago while the US government was originally built on Libertarian principles. And this difference is all it took. Again, it all boils down to a problem caused by governments in the first place. In ultimate analysis this "problem" was caused by governments through restrictions in the free market leading to miserable economic conditions. The prevention of the free movement of labour is one of the major reasons for decaying economic conditions, yet governments do it for "political" reasons while expecting a different outcome! How much more ridiculous can it get?


Our goal here is simply to open your eyes and to make you understand that Libertarianism and free markets are the solution, not the problem. Most problems are created by governments and the only real solution is to get rid of all of them. Forever. The fact that human smuggling exists (and even the use of these words has negative connotations) is downright insulting to free women and men. In the end and at the bottom of it all these people are simply exercising their right to travel freely. Any demonizing of this process represents nothing more but the twisted views of politicians created during their permanent search for job security and the maintenance of their personal privileges through the use of government positions. Let's be clear; so-called "illegal" migration is nothing but the free market correcting a problem introduced by governments.

Alas, there are people "out-there" that believe in restricting immigration because it is "our" country; nevermind that they don't own the country in the first place! We don't object to their point of view but what we do object is to their right to impose these views on other people, mostly through the enabling actions of governments. For this people we have only one question: how would they like to be restricted from traveling to another town? Or city? Or Province? Or Region? Or Country? A fantasy? It will never happen? Just wait and see as the worldwide economy collapses and governments begin to isolate themselves. You won't stand for it? And why not? If you have the right to impose your views on them, then they have the right to impose theirs on you!

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