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Left and Right are EqualHow would you feel if you were working tirelessly for "the greater good" sacrificing your family, life, and everything else only to see your achievements being trashed and you being slapped in the face like a punching bag?

Well, this is how Esraa Abdel-Fattah feels now days. She was one of the main activists that helped ignite the revolution in Egypt in 2011 in order to get rid of the dictator Hosni Mubarak. However, this is no longer 2011, it is 2016. What a difference five lousy years make!.Esraa was once postulated for the Nobel Prize, but apparently that was just a fad. Nowadays, she sits lonely in their little apartment waiting for a perhaps inevitable knock on the door by the government forces of law and order coming for her because she is now an "Enemy of Egypt".

In her little home she still dreams of people rising and the revolution that will be there sooner or later… very later…

Allow us to remind you that when Mubarak was ousted, it was replaced by a wonderful Muslim Brotherhood who in turn was removed from power by the military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who was brought to power by popular demand in response to the previous turbulent rule. At least this is so, if you believe the folklore and Sisi's public relations spin.

You can read all about this in the article called "Hero of Egypt's uprising still hopes for change despite return of oppression" which was published by Reuters.

Why do we bother with this unique sad tale? Because it is not, unique that is. It is something that most people have been experiencing for a few hundred years now going up and down through political systems and their failed experiments. We told you so, that it is utterly pointless to change governments for other governments regardless of the political inclinations being from the left, center, right, above, below or sideways. It makes no difference whatsoever. This is exactly what's happening in Egypt.

One hungry political power scheme gets replaced by the next one. Those who were heroes yesterday are now "enemies of the state". What did we learn if anything? What we learned is that we cannot trust any political system whatsoever. We explained this some time ago in the article Who Watches The Watchers. Any of the current political systems do not provide any answer to the question how do we control our governments. The reason why they don't provide such an answer is because within our current structure this is simply not possible. For as long as our so-called "representatives" represent nothing but themselves, we have no saying in what they do with our lives. As it is not possible to force a person to represent multiple conflicting interests, it becomes very clear that any representative system it's a fake and doomed to failure.

And so why did our current political systems seem to work for so long?

Because when we made the transition from the monarchy to democracy, democratic governments were very afraid of the people and so, for the most part they kept their noses out of our businesses. However, this is no longer the case. When Supreme Courts throughout the world become nothing but rubberstamps acknowledging that politicians can do anything that is not strictly forbidden in Magna Cartas or Constitutions (and even then they ignore them) there is no point in trying anything else because the ultimate collection of watchers has stopped watching.

The idea that a government can be kept in check by three powers constantly pulling in opposite directions it's a fake. When the executive branch can just pull edicts out of their asses, when representatives couldn't care less what it is that the executive does while doing their own thing and when the courts are ridiculously pliable to political pressure then is when the whole system begins to crumble. However, when these behaviors become "the new normal", when every single government on earth does the same, that's the breakeven point. That's the clear and present single flag signaling that the whole system it's not working and it must be replaced.

Egypt may still go through several revolutions before their people finally evolve and begin to trust themselves. This is sad but unfortunately there is no other way. They must learn through pain and suffering that the only people worth trusting is in the body that they own; this is, themselves!

We are writing this article to show you that time and time again we are correct. Or assessments are correct. We're not talking about the distant past nor a far far future. We are talking about things that are occurring today in real time day after day after day. We are writing you as a means of educating you in the art of thinking. We want you to distrust us but at the same time we want you to look critically at reality and realize that there is far more than the simple news that happened here and there. There are causes and effects and you must become aware of them. If you let us, we will be happy to guide you. But this is not our intention. We want you to experiment with your political views, feelings, thoughts and actions. The last thing we want is to lock you in a rigid scheme of political thinking because it is this kind of scheme that brought us what we are today.

Let's be clear.

Democracy is dead.

Political systems are dead.

Long live the new system!

Sometimes you may feel like you're going crazy and you may want to crawl back into the cozy feeling that political systems are protecting you. You may even fall into temptation. That's normal. We don't expect superhuman strength from you nor we demand you to be perfect. It can happen. It will happen. The only thing that we expect from you is that you keep thinking because thinking is what it will get you out on the whole and hopefully you will take us with you for a ride. Make it a good one because we are all out of time. Happy politics!

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