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Kerbal Space ProgramThis website is about reality. Sometimes reality has to do with what is happening "out-there" and sometimes reality has to do with what happens "inside". Today's article is about the latter.

There is a little well-known game (if you are in the right circles) called KSP or Kerbal Space Program. This game is a fantastically executed concept. You get to be in charge of an entire space program in Kerbal, commanding an army of Kerbalites (scientists, engineers and pilots) while designing, testing and executing missions in your very own spaceships. This game is unique (if you happen to be into science and technology) because it amalgamates several concepts; it is deliciously fun, it is technically correct (give or take) and it requires creativity. It is also complex and easy to use. There is a lot of humour and from the start it reveals the philosophical outlook of its creators: life is too short to take it too seriously!

However, what is most interesting from our point of view is who developed this game. If we would to say US hackers or Russian hacker or even Chinese hackers you would say uhu…aha…so what, right? Well no. It was developed by Mexican hackers!

Now, take a look how we phrased the previous sentence: "Mexican hackers". Do you see the problem? We placed the nationality of the innovators before their creativity. And this is the classic way of thinking and mistake that people make. People think in terms of countries instead of people. But the reality is that countries did not develop KSP, people did. Does it matter if it was developed by people living in Mexico, Islamabad, Timbuktu or Antarctica or Atlantis? Of course not! Then why do we think in those terms? Because we have been brainwashed.

Our point is that the power of entrepreneurship is what created goods and services that make our lives better, not countries. Think in terms of innovators such as Nokia (Norwegian) or RIM (Canadian)… cellular phone companies who were innovators in their time (now on their way out) or the game Minecraft (Swedish) and so on. We are so accustom to think in terms of nationalities or centres of power that we forget that at the bottom of that pile of dung there is real people making real efforts to make your life better. People, not countries.

The word innovation has been so abused by marketing agencies that our brains have taught themselves to ignore it. But innovation does exist and it is at the most basic level of what increases our standards of living. And innovation does not appear magically from governments or nations, it appears from people. Just like you or us. People. This is why we believe in people, not governments. Our job is to help people to get a shot of self-confidence. Basically, you can do it! You don't need governments or countries, you can do it.

This is not to say that you must ignore your culture, your nationality. Not at all. Be a proud member of your nation; just don't be a person under a government. You see, culture is about belonging to a group and that is fine. Government is about control over that group. You want to keep the good and discard the bad and it is entirely possible! You don't have to give up who you are, just who is controlling you.

Yes! You can do it! The team from KSP did it and so can you!

Unless you believe that government is the same as administration which is the same as country which equates nation which is defined as culture. That's fine. You have the right to be ridiculously in error; after all if you want to throw your life away for no reason we will support your decision… to your death!

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