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What's The Point?No, seriously, what's the point? What is our point? Our point is very, very simple. We want to point out something that it is so obvious, so redundant, so commonplace, so mundane and so well understood that people have already forgotten. The point is simple:

Governments control everything.

Yes, we know how it sounds. It would seem that we are prime candidates for the Tin-foil Hat Award of the Year. We seem to be ready for the straightjacket on our way to our permanent reservation to the exclusive rubber-padded room and there seem to be quite large doses of Thorazine in our immediate, mediate and distant future. But it only seems that way (we know this because we discussed it with our cat and she agrees - our dog on the other hand not so much - but then again, what do dogs know?).


We could change gears at this point and begin our usual diatribe describing how all our governments have become socialists on its way to communism just before they fell of the left edge of the map. But we won't do that. We won't do it because philosophical political theories are just that, theories. What matters to the average person, this is, you, us and everybody who is not part of the government, is what is going on in reality and how this reality affect us.

Basically, if you are getting screwed by people, do you actually care about their motives? No. You just want the whole thing to stop. Same here. We just want them to stop. And the rest? The rest will attend to itself.


In many countries there are anti-abortion laws as well as racial or religious laws of conception. There are also rules and regulations as to who may assist your birth and the obligation to submit your birth information to the government.


In every single country on the planet there is some sort of so-called "public" education which translates as mandatory, government-imposed education. You really have no choice but to submit to this kind of education. Even if such education does not exist physically, governments still determine minimum mandatory curriculums. This means that even if you decide to homeschool your child, you still have to follow their curriculum. This happens in primary as well as secondary school.

But what happens after that? If you decide to follow into a tertiary/technical education, then you have endless years of practice as well as classroom teachings. All so that you may get the coveted "Licence".

But it gets worse. If you decide to go to University, many of them are directly owned by governments and so they exercise absolute control. When this is not the case, there are many subventions by governments to private universities which they cannot allow to reject (who can throw away free money?)… for a price… and this price is control over certain subjects. But even in the remote cases where neither of those situations exist, almost all professions need "Licensing" from organizations that were given the legal right to hold such licensing monopolies…by the government.


Because taxation exists and its logic is reverse, you don't actually own anything. Everything is owned by the state and they are kind enough to let you keep some. They exercise total and absolute control. In every country in the world, the judicial disposition of tax-related issues ends up in "special" courts following "special" rules. One of such rules is that you are guilty until proven innocent. This type of presumption has been absolutely rejected in almost all courts of the world for civil and criminal proceedings…except when it comes to taxation. In this scenario it is almost universally accepted. Face it, you don't actually own anything.


In all countries in the world there are laws, rules and limitations as to what are you allowed to do with your body and even your beliefs! You cannot use any substance you may want (drug laws), you cannot express what you want (legal limitations on freedom of speech) and you cannot worship whomever you want (prohibition of religions) in any way you may want (prohibition of rites). You cannot organize your family partnership in any way you like (laws against polygamy) and you cannot dissolve your partnership in any way you like (laws for separation). You cannot educate your children any way you like (laws on education) and you cannot travel anywhere you like (laws on immigration and visitation). You cannot communicate freely with people (laws for communication intercepts) and you cannot count on the government not to use this information. Even the air we breathe and the water we drink are controlled (laws on the environment).


You cannot arrange your needs for justice any way you like (even private agreements or settlements must abide by current regulations) and you cannot seek just reparations any way you like (there are only so few legal venues to do so). You may be the target of any investigation they may want to initiate on you for any reason they may want to do so.


All governments control the flow of money, mostly through the creation of fiat money. They also control the conditions upon which economies operate (laws for Central Banks and marketplaces). You are no longer in control of the marketplace. You can no longer benefit fully (or even partially) from competition… which they control through artificial monopolies.


As far as we can tell, there isn't a single industry anywhere in the planet (this includes begging) that is not subjected to a plethora (nice word, isn't it?) of laws, rules and regulations. Everything is regulated. From where you can set-up your company to what your company name may be. From the machines you are allowed to purchase (they must be certified) to the raw materials you are allowed to use. From what to do with your waste to which booking processes you must use. Everything, including energy (electricity, natural gas, diesel, solar, etc) is regulated. The government tells you which days you may work and which others you may not. They tell you what's the minimum you must pay to the number of hours you may operate. There isn't a single action that a company may take that isn't regulated in some way or another.


Governments not only control how you may die but even what happens after death (laws on suicide and conditions of death). They even control whether or not you may get killed (laws for wars).


Of course, you have heard this before but it did not sink in because you did not see the practical impacts of such control. Now you have. And a challenge. We challenge you to go out (or stay at home) and pick any item you may have or any action you may wish and try to find out not if it is controlled but how.

And once you have figure out how is that item or action controlled, we challenge you to figure out if you actually want that control. What you will find more often than not is that no, you don't want that control… yet you have it.


No, this isn't true. Not every single law on the planet is bad, although the vast majority are. Yes, it is true that a tiny minority of laws actually have positive effects but even those laws have two problems:

The first is that you cannot pick and choose which laws will be created. It is a package deal. You either take the entire government and all its laws or your reject them all. If you look at "good" laws from this perspective, you will notice that they are but a tiny ray of good news in an otherwise tsunami of bad ones. It is simply not worth it. The whole package is expensive out of all proportions.

The second problem is that even if certain laws under certain circumstances produce "good" results, they are misallocating resources, which means that left to their own devices a truly free market would have taken care of the issue far more efficiently.


When we write that the ultimate goal of all governments is control, we are not referring to a master plan of world-wide proportions for global dominations. We leave such plans to cartoons and Hollywood (or Bollywood). When we talk about control we talk about a distributed control throughout the world. Each politician and each government acts independently but they all have vested interests in controlling you. As such, the chance coincidence of these interests makes that the entire world is deep, deep under totalitarian control. What we are experiencing today is the ultimate control. There is very little that is left uncontrolled passed our current conditions. However, there is a fair amount of degree of control that can still be imposed. It is because of this reason that we don't feel the controls to be overbearing, because their degree is not yet overwhelming. Governments and politicians have learned. In the past they used brute force and terror to control people. In the present they use absolute access to all information and maximum persecution to induce the same level of compliance through fear. What we are experiencing today is not terror but distributed fear. The certain knowledge that there are no more places on earth where you can run and hide. There are no more places on earth where they will leave you alone.

The fact that you have lost your rights is a theoretical point. The fact that you now live in fear from your government is not. It is real. And this is the end game of control, to keep you in fear and docile to fulfil their own goals.


Our message is simple:

Governments control everything.

Get used to that.

One way or another you are no longer a free person but a slave.

Keep voting, keep those chains firmly attached to your life. They know better; after all, they are in authority and as such they are entitled to control everything.

Or do something about it.

Don't vote. Don't follow their rules. Ignore them. Recover your freedom. Think globally and act locally. One control at the time.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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