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Special ProjectsToday we begin a glorious new chapter in this voyage we called Freedom & Power. It will be awesome. It will be incredible. It will be unique and scintillating. Well… it will be… sort of.

Today we are starting a new tradition we called "Project". Once in a while we will be posting special insights that we may have come across or developed which are somewhat more important than regular posts or lessons. As such, we will be placing them in a special niche in the site and we won't be e-mailing them out because they are too precious to be mishandled by vulgar e-mail systems (or, more precisely, we are too lazy to compose a separate e-mail; why work if a script can do the job?).

We have placed a new link to a Project Index in the Main Menu of the site, as it can be seen below.


The first Project we created was appropriately titled "Project Default" and if you would like to jump all the intermediate steps, its name has been hyperlinked.

In any case, we hope you enjoy this new endeavor.

The gals and guys from F&P.

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