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There are many different expressions of Austro-Libertarian systems, but which system is the best?  We believe ours, but we do not know for sure. We freely declare that we don't own the truth. As we have shown in our lesson When Countries Dissolve, each geographic area will determine their own rules approximating Absolute Austro-Libertarian systems.  But there is no guarantee that they will adopt ours. Actually if they do, we would be extremely surprised. Shocked almost. Political experimentation is good, we choose to go first.

Experimentation in this area will happen in an uncontrolled and undirected manner because each person in a group will want to experiment doing it their own way. If we remember that the free market is a ruthless evolutionary machine selecting what people want, in the same manner it will select which Austro-Libertarian system or systems people choose.

In this free market, people will assess the pros and cons and will make changes as they go along, and this is good.  Any Austro-Libertarian system that will follow democracy will be a gigantic step forward in terms of freedom and progress as we have shown in the lesson The Law of Political Systems Direction. We don't want to slow down this advancement by recommending or trying to impose our point of view.

We also have to keep in mind what we have stated multiple times in this website: that the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system it is not a fully developed political theory or political system.  It is a gigantic laboratory where we reflect and we expose our thoughts to other people so we can all find flaws and correct them.  This is exactly the same process that will take place as Austro-Libertarian systems are adopted.

We are not afraid of this process but we know that it will be painful to our egos because we all want to believe that we are perfect. However, we undertake this process because it will be very beneficial for everybody else.  Experimentation in the Austro-Libertarian system it’s a good thing.  It allows us to find practical options that actually work and discard systems or elements that do not.  Another major advantage of the absolute Austro-Libertarian system is that as the Master Contract is voluntary, anybody can quit it anytime they may want to.

Which means that everybody is free to experiment in their own ways.  There are no lifelong commitments. There are no laws and rules and regulations from under which you cannot get out.

We welcome political experimentation and you should too. What do you have to lose? The democratic system is irreversibly broken. Experiment or not. Up to you.

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