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The Master Contract (or MC for short) for the Absolute Austro-Libertarian theory is a small set of rules that form the basis of the Absolute Austro-Libertarian way of life.

Think of it as a Magna Carta or a Constitution with a crucial difference: if one wishes to benefit from all the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system has to offer, one must voluntarily accept the Master Contract.

Let’s be clear and redundant. The Master Contract is a contract. As such, it absolutely, positively, definitively must be accepted voluntarily.

The Master Contract contains all the fundamental Absolute Austro-Libertarian axioms. As they are axioms, they cannot be proven. In this the Absolute Austro-Libertarianism is just like any other Political Theory.

This does not mean that these axioms are nonsensical or impractical. On the contrary, these axioms were taken from the most successful cultures and civilizations that inhabited the earth.  They are inherently practical and full of common sense.

Axioms are also neutral, not being religious, ethical or moral in nature (these are private concepts and therefore not general). The Master Contract was designed so that it could be accepted by people with all kinds of belief systems: religious, moral, ethical or otherwise.

The Master Contract provides a set of minimum coincidences that all people can abide by.

Of course, this is not to say that all people will abide by them. That’s OK. The Master Contract also takes this into consideration.

So, without further due, allow us to proudly introduce the Master Contract.


Master Contract Axioms

1.   The acceptance of the rules contained within this contract is strictly voluntary.
2.   Property rights are absolute with only one exception:

a.    Slavery is forbidden. A human being cannot be sold or purchased even voluntarily.

3.   All relations among people or organizations of any kind are ruled by voluntary contracts or if a contract does not exist, by this Master Contract or any strict logical deduction derived from this Master Contract.
4.   Property can only be acquired through:

a.    Contract or,

b.    Continuous work or use (if lacking ownership) or,

c.    Master Contract rule infringement (see 5 and 6)

5.   A person or organization of any kind infringing any Master Contract rule waives all its Master Contract contracted rights with the infringed party with the exception of 2a).
6.   A person or organization of any kind infringing any Master Contract rule is responsible with its property to the full extent of the infringement or, as specified in a contract with the infringed party.


That’s pretty much it! Short, sweet and consistent.

However, as with any human endeavour the Master Contract is by definition, imperfect.

As the Absolute Austro-Libertarian way of life is further explored, the Master Contract may need be amended. We are not perfect nor we declare ourselves to be.

This post is only an introduction to the Master Contract and we will expand on all its conditions in further lessons. To be continued…

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.




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