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We Are SorryDear reader, we owe you an apology. Our site is now featuring advertisements. This will create a little bit of informational pollution but it is unavoidable.

If you are interested in knowing why we are compelled to do so, we can offer one number: 1600%.

This is the extra money that we have to spend on government bureaucracy every year when compared to purely technical expenditures such as hosting, domain name leasing and so forth. We pay 16 times more for useless requirements than the money we pay for actual, useful services. And we are not including our time which we donate freely.

Our ultimate goal is to become self-sustainable and without advertising this is not possible. We are not rich nor do we have a government organization or "interested parties" that supports us. As we previously said, we are just like you… and probably poorer.

Other changes are also on the horizon and you will see them as they happen. However, no matter what we do, we will remain fiercely independent. What other people choose to advertise in our site is entirely up to them. What we choose to explain, instruct and highlight will always be entirely up to us. Both processes shall never touch.

We hope this decision will not deter you from patronizing our site, but if you must then it will be your decision and as such we fully respect you.

To new beginnings!

The gals and guys of F&P

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