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Shamed ApparatchiksVery unfortunately, you, us and everybody else on this earth are forced to deal with bureaucrats all the time. It is no secret that we despise them. It is no secret we wish they would all be laid off thus stop wasting our time and hard earned money. Alas, our time is not yet here. Meanwhile however we need to deal with a new plague that seem to have caught epidemic proportions as of lately. This is, the concept that for some bizarre reason government apparatchiks must be respected and be allowed to be proud. Let's dispel this myth right here are now: they are most definitively not!

Apparatchiks all the way

We use the term apparatchiks to denote bureaucrats because it is the correct term to use (or the most appropriate one) considering that almost all countries on earth are socialists or downright communists (see our Socialism Indices if you don't believe us).

Apparatchiks are defined as agents of a communist or socialist government or party "apparat" (apparatus) frequently transferred between different areas of responsibility, usually with little or no actual training for their new areas of concern. In English we would also call them "drones" because they are all remote-controlled and they exhibit very little -if any- higher brain function use. Sometimes people refer to them as brain-dead but we would not dare to go that far.

For us, the term apparatchik is indeed insulting and hopefully it will be so for our intended targets because they are apparatchiks indeed. But it gets worse. In the USSR many apparatchiks actually held positions in industries and services. Even though they were part of a gigantically wasteful bureaucracy, they at least produced some goods and services. They were not an absolute and complete waste of time and money as our "modern" versions are. So, since we are not imaginative enough to develop a new and more suitable term, we will continue to call them as they were called in the good ol' days of the USSR.

But we work for a living

Let's first address the standard nonsensical excuse that we always hear from government apparatchiks; that they work for a living. Well, technically speaking yes, they work in the sense that they consume energy to get stuff done in the same manner that Do-Nothing machines perform "work". Now, realistically speaking, the way a normal person would understand "work", this is, to create goods and services to satisfy customers' needs, not a chance in hell.

Apparatchiks perform work in the strict physical term (as in mechanical physics) but they do not produce any work in economic terms. All they do is to consume. So NO. Apparatchiks do not work for a living. They do nothing for a living.

Be respectful

Because they "work for a living" we are supposed to owe them some sort of respect at a personal level. Let's be absolutely clear: we do not!

Let's repeat this because it is important:

We DO NOT owe them ANY respect whatsoever at a personal level.

Allow us to explain. We do understand why many people go to work for the state. Most people are simply trying to get a job, to get some money and support their families and this is the most noble of intents. We don't despise them because they are trying to get ahead in the world; we despise them because of the means they have chosen to do so.

They have chosen voluntarily to be part of an army of oppressors. They have chosen to sell their dignity for a fistful of fiat money. They have done so by their own volition. Nobody forced them to do so. Consider the following.

Most people do not believe us when we say that governments are powerless without a bureaucracy. We will offer only two historical proofs, although there are many. These two we offer because they are large and obvious and well documented.

  • Proof #1: The control of the Indian Sub-continent by the British Empire also known as British Raj (rule) between 1858 and 1947. The Brits instituted a well-educated and professional state bureaucracy. Through this bureaucracy (the Indian Civil Service) they exercised control over an entire sub-continent for almost 100 years with very little need for military interventions (if you are interested in this topic, see Wikipedia under "British Raj").
  • Proof #2: The control of Germany in the Third Reich. The Nazis controlled the entirety of Germany through the Gestapo (Secret State Police). Contrary to popular belief, the Gestapo was not an all-pervasive, omnipotent agency in German society. In Germany proper, many towns and cities had fewer than 50 official Gestapo personnel, almost all of them former police officers. Most of the Gestapo offices were made up of bureaucrats and clerical workers who depended upon denunciations by citizens for their information. The continuous and successful operation of the Gestapo dependent completely upon the continuous co-operation of German citizens. The Gestapo apparatchiks were the enablers of government control through the brainwashing of the German population. If you are interested in this this topic, go to Wikipedia and search for "Gestapo".

Let's be clear. Apparatchiks are the enablers, the essential machinery that allows for political control of populations. Yes. This means you and us. We are all controlled and manipulated simply because apparatchiks exist. Therefore any person voluntarily willing to become an apparatchik -whatever the reason- does not deserve any respect at a personal level whatsoever. They only deserve loathing and disgust. There is such a thing as "evil" when it is defined as "curtailment of our rights". They are evil and they are the enemy because they choose to join the enemy by themselves..

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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