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Shamed Apparatchiks

Be respectful redoux

Because they represent the "authority". This is yet another myth that we are supposed to nod and accept without any discussion. Let's be clear. They do not represent anything with very few exceptions. Law enforcement agents such as police or the judiciary do indeed represent the government; apparatchiks do not. Apparatchiks are simply government employees. They do not have the legal right to tell us what it is that we may or may not do and therefore they do not have the legal right to demand our respect. In some countries there are laws that skirt this principle but they have limits. For example it is a question of judiciary decision whether or not telling bureaucrats to "go fuck themselves" is "contempt to authority" or not. The interesting part is that the more socialist a country is the more draconian such laws.

Of course, all these laws run contrary to freedom of speech. This is so much indeed that for example the infamous Article 26 of the French Press Law which condemns people for "defaming" "public officials" has been repeatedly struck down by the European Court of Human Rights which found that such law violated the right to freedom of expression.

Let's be clear. Government apparatchiks also called "government officials" receive the authority to operate as state functionaries within their areas of control. What this means is that unless such an "area of control" is specifically (i.e. legally) designated to control your actions, they have no authority over you whatsoever. This is very clear indeed in almost all bureaucracies. If you have the guts, try this. Go to any government office and begin insulting bureaucrats, or take indiscriminate photographs, or plant a large sound recording device in a very visible place. The next thing that it is going to happen is that a government apparatchik will tell you that what you are doing is forbidden by such-and-such regulation and that if you insist and continue in your behaviour, they will call the police to either "escort you out" or "arrest you". Have you noticed this detail? The Police. This is not because most apparatchiks are couch potatoes (which they are) but simply because they do not have the authority to demand anything of you. They simply don't. The Police, on the other hand, do have such legal authority. If apparatchiks would try to "take action" in the manner in which police does, they will be fully liable under the law as a minimum for "assault".

They do not deserve our respect because they are simply government employees without the legal right to tell us how we must behave. All those little rules and regulations that they keep pasting on walls and writing in "procedural" books self-defining their so-called rights mean absolutely nothing unless directly and unequivocally stipulated by law. Most of the time, they are not.

Let's be clear. Apparatchiks do NOT represent authority over us unless specifically stipulated by law. Their only real authority is over their useless bureaucratic procedures which we may or may not choose to follow. There is nothing in the law that allows them to take direct action against us in this regard if we choose not to follow. Of course, the police and judiciary may do so in certain circumstances, but not apparatchiks.

As apparatchiks do not represent authority over us, if we dis-respect them we are insulting them as people, not as part of the government. And deservingly so.

But then, of course, as all governments are illegitimate because Social Contracts Are A Scam all laws are also illegitimate. As such apparatchiks cannot hide behind laws whose illegitimacy is so obvious but this "tiny" detail won't stop them as it never had in the past. The point is that their behaviour as if they deserve respect has nothing to do with their right to be respected.

Be proud

Which brings us to the core of our article, this is, that apparatchiks are not allowed to be proud. Many people with different -and widely unpopular- sexual orientations or religious or political views have come lately "out of the closet" so to speak. We can see them on the street blatantly flaying their colours so to speak. And because they do so we are all much better off. They are fighting to upheld personal decisions based on personal rights upon which the state has encroached (i.e. overwrote). They are simply righting a wrong that was done to them.

Apparatchiks on the other hand are the very products of such encroaching of personal rights. They exist because governments steal our rights. They exist because governments take our rights and give them to them. They exist because governments use the flawed and fake Principle of Authority (see Lost Memories) backed by brute force to enforce our compliance. Apparatchiks exist to control us because they are part of the giant control system that all governments are. As such, unless they are personally for government control of our lives, they are not allowed to be proud, at least not in public.

Their choice of occupation was a personal one but by definition they affect other people whether these other people agree or not. Other people with other personal tastes, beliefs and choices do not tend to control people other than themselves. And when they do so, they try to do it through convincing arguments, not through the use of naked force as governments do.

Apparatchiks are the enablers of the use of naked and brute force by the government on personal decisions (or rights, to be precise). And they know so. Because of this, because they are the agents of "evil" (as above defined) they are not allowed to be proud. This is not an issue of ethics or morality; it is an issue of meta-ethics or meta-morality (i.e. above ethics or morality). We are not discussing which rules are "good" or "bad", we are discussing the very right to have rights and they are against!

Shame, shame on you all!

All apparatchiks may continue to serve their masters but they are not allowed to be proud. There are vast amounts of shame on them and we suspect that they know so. There is a reason why there are no "Government Employee Pride Parades". There are only "Government Employee Demonstrations" when they want more money.

They behave as gangs because that's exactly what they are. They won't fight you in the open and they won't fight you when the forces are even. They will only fight you when the situation is overwhelmingly in their favour, for example when you have to reluctantly go to one of their lairs to fulfil yet another one of their ridiculous, redundant and useless requirements. Then, and only then, they behave as "proud" government employees, because their self-appointed so-called "rights" are in full effect through the use of brute force (or the threat of its use) by proxy.

Because of this we choose to fight them where they can't get at us. We choose to fight them in your mind. We are in for the long term and the end game.


Government employees are not allowed to be proud because they are not "Civil Servants" in the sense that they do not serve civility. They serve the masters that oppress us all. We do not owe them anything and the least respect. In some circumstances we may be forced to act in a respectful manner under threat of violence but we do not owe them any respect whatsoever and under any circumstance. It deeply offends us that we not only have to be injured by governments, insulted by governments and on top of that we need to show "respect" to apparatchiks. Enough is enough! Somebody must draw a line somewhere and this is ours and the future of history is on our side. Let this be a warning.

But then again, perhaps you are an apparatchik. Or you are a brainwashed citizen who believes that governments are here to help you and that because of this, you owe them respect. That's OK. That's your decision. Just one thing, what is it going to happen when governments stop showing you respect in return? What is it going to happen as more and more of your rights are eroded without any sign of respect? Will you then continue to respect them? We were taught that respect is a two-way street. You must give to receive. But what happens when you give, you don't receive and they keep demanding? This is your conundrum now. We have already solved it long time ago. When you are ready, we will be waiting with open arms on the other side of the line. Take your time but don't be late.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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