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Special Projects

Due to popular demand that we STFU… errr… we explain ourselves when we say that politicians lie, we introduce today a new Special Project. This project is all about the basic techniques that politicians use to bullshit you. These techniques are not new or unusual. On the contrary. They are very old and very well known. Every first year student of philosophy is taught about them because they do not lead to sound arguments. As a matter of fact, these techniques are designed to dress-up lousy or, most frequently, purposely erroneous ideas with a lacquer of credibility and logic.

Although these techniques are very common, you, the people, are mostly not aware of them because they are not presented to you for what they are. What you always see are examples but never the definitions or the logistics of it. It's like a magic trick. You see the trick as a spectator but you never see the actual explanation. The difference is that magic is designed to entertain while politics is designed to con you.

As usual for these kinds of things, head to our Main Menu and click on How To Lie.



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