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Just Pissed OffSome people do live happily ever after. Some people do live in the bliss that ignorance provides. Some people are in a state of oblivion regarding all the bullshit that surrounds them. Some. But not us. But not you. But not most people.

How is this possible considering that our standards of living are constantly going up, and up and up?

Because they are not. We have stagnated.

How do we know this?

Because the amount of debt that governments have accumulated since the 60's is so large that stifles any compensation that free markets may have brought about.

Don't believe us?


When was the last time that you felt like you were making progress?

When was the last time that you stopped counting cents to make ends meet?

When was the last time that you were actually capable of taking a breather without the sense of impending doom that tomorrow will bring?

It's been a long time, right?

Well… there you have it.

But above all, we are pissed-off.



And of course a psychologist will tell you that our anger is the natural manifestation and automatic response to pain.

And of course a psychologist will tell you that pain is not enough and that a trigger is required.

And of course a psychologist will tell you that anger is a defensive mechanism whereby you strike against the target which is causing you pain.

And of course a psychologist will tell you that anger is a protective mechanism which temporarily protects us from pain.

And of course a psychologist will tell you that anger will not make pain disappear.

And of course, they would be right!

But this is nothing new. The question, the big question is what do you do about it?

You don't know?

But of course you don't!

How can you?

You have been taught time and time again that if you play by the rules (their rules) and you submit to the authority (their authority) and do as they tell you when they tell you, eeeeeeverything is going to be juuuuuust right.


Not a chance in hell.

Do you see the cognitive dissonance between your world and the message from "them" you are constantly with?

Note: Cognitive Dissonance is the mental stress caused by having to deal with two contradictory beliefs or "truths".

Our brain cannot process this information and therefore our brain decides to be stressed first, annoyed second and pissed-off last.

And here we are.

Isn't the first step of therapy to recognize that we have a problem and the second one to find the origin of the problem and the third one to fix it? Permanently?
Yes it is.

The first step is done. We are most definitively pissed-off.

But what is the origin of our anger?

Good question.

Most angers originate in aggression.

But if this is the case, who is aggressing us?

Good question.

In order to find the answer, just look at the type of aggression that it is unleashed against us.

Our money is constantly depreciating.

Our wages are going in one direction only: down.

Our taxes are going in one direction only: up.

Our pensions are diminishing all the time.

Our food, clothing and shelter is becoming impossibly expensive.

Our free services are becoming "fee-based".

Our neighbourhood is immersed in higher and higher crime waves.

Our police forces are becoming occupation armies.

Our military are becoming tyrants.

Our politicians are not listening.

Our bureaucrats are becoming the masters of our lives.

Our freedoms and vanishing.

Our markets are collapsing.

Our poverty is rising.

Our economic means are becoming meaningless.

Our laws and regulations are our slave shackles.

Our lives are nothing but rat races for our daily cheese.

All that and more is the aggression we suffer every day. And on top of that we have to mention:

Actual wars.

Religious wars.

Independence wars.

Civil wars.

Sponsored wars.

Proxy wars.

Terrorist wars.

State wars.

Social wars.

Political wars.

Convenience wars.

Distraction wars.

Slow wars.

Fast wars.

Cold wars.

Hot wars.

And so on.

It's not that we feel like we are in a shooting gallery, it is that we actually are! And to make matters worse, we are the targets!

This is not a figment of your imagination.

We, you, us, everybody else is begin aggressed against. All the time. Every day. In so many ways that it is impossible to count. No rest. No quit. No quarter.

No, you are not pissed-off because it is a sport, but because you have burned through all the previous stages. You are rightfully pissed-off.

But if we want to fix this problem, we need to find its origin. Who constantly depreciates our money? Who constantly drops our wages in one direction only: down? Who increases our taxes? Who diminishes our pensions? Who makes our food, clothing and shelter impossibly expensive? Who is adding fees to our "free services"? Who triggers rising crime in our neighbourhoods? Who is converting police forces in occupation armies? Who allows the military to become tyrants? Who ignores our pleas? Who empowers politicians to become the masters of our lives? Who vanishes our freedoms? Who collapses our markets? Who enables poverty to rise? Who ensures that our economic means become meaningless? Who shackles us with laws and regulations? Who forces us to live in a permanent rat race scrambling for crumbs of old cheese?

And who pays, plans and executes wars? Wars. Actual wars. Religious wars. Independence wars. Civil wars. Sponsored wars. Proxy wars. Terrorist wars. State wars. Social wars. Political wars. Convenience wars. Distraction wars. Slow wars. Fast wars. Cold wars. Hot wars?

And now that we know that we are pissed-off (acknowledgement).

And have found the origin of our state of pissed-off (government).

How are we going to fix it?

Get rid of all governments. Period.

Anger management won't help you when the origin of your anger rests somewhere else; in this case with governments.

And how do you fight against governments?

You adapt, you improvise, you overcome and… you positively, definitively, absolutely do not, under any circumstance, vote.

And then, only then, when you will realize that you are on your road to actually solving the etiology of your anger, you will begin to heal. Only then. And not sooner.

Are we offering Walhalla? Of course not! We are offering a truly free market and the chance to be your own owner. We are offering the free market with all its ups and downs and imperfections which even so is infinitely superior to our slavery. Yes. You do have a choice.

But then again, perhaps you enjoy being pissed-off. Fair enough. We suggest you create your own country with your own government dedicated to piss you off all the time. Because, you know, in our countries all the idiotic pisser-offer amateurs calling themselves politicians are doing a bang-up job… but there is always room for improvement… and they are taking this task to heart.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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