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And why not? Every other blog, news site, radio and TV station, carrier pigeon and smoke signal telegraph is talking about this “pressing” issue.

Why should we remain silent? Perhaps, because whatever happens will be the wrong thing? Because whatever happen will be the idiotic thing to do?

Syria, Syria, Obama, Obama (tasty snack for search engines bots).

Right now Obama is figuring out how to persuade or bypass the Congress and happily bomb Syria out of existence. Later on, his military advisors will tell him that boots on the ground are needed. And so the US will invade yet another country. And stretch just a farther away too much from its economic and military capabilities. China is laughing its pants off! Suckers! Go play world-police while we grow stronger and stronger. Suckers!

But we digress. We are here to discuss the pros and cons of bombing or not bombing Syria. To begin with… hold on… we are not sheeple (sheep people). We think!

The issue is not, to bomb or not to bomb, the issue is to do something or not do something.

Let’s recap what we learn in the lessons Political Systems Lifecycle and The Three Laws of Political System Change.

We positively know that Syrian government sucks… and for that matter any government does too.  We also know that political systems won’t change until the people that supports them are fed up, this coupled with an economic collapse of large proportions.

Let’s see:

  • Syrian economic collapse: check!
  • People fed-up with the Syrian Political System: check!

So this means that left to their own devices the Political System in Syria will change without the need of any intervention? Yup!

But wouldn’t an intervention act as a catalyst for change? May be, maybe not. We don’t know for certain how fed-up people are. We will only know for sure when people kicks that system out. An intervention only risks providing the Syrian government with the benefit of the doubt. And as long as there is doubt, there is hope. And hope is an enemy of Political System change.

So then the best option is to leave Syria alone? Yup!

For the government to collapse under the weight of their own stupidity? Yup!

And how about all those people that are being killed? Don’t we have humanity? Yup! We do.

Just consider how many more people will die if the US bombs. And how many more will die after the inevitable invasion and Syrian retaliation. And how many more will die in the inevitable quasi-civil war that will follow. And how many more will die in the inevitable de-stabilization of middle East.

So, yes! We have too much humanity and choose the path of least carnage.

The correct answer is to do nothing. Let history take its course and this problem will burn itself out faster than if taking any action.

But of course, we know that this won’t happen. Obama needs to “take action”, needs to be seen taking “decisive action” in this “crisis”…. Whatever. Just remember, we told you here first about all the dead people yet to come.

It’s your choice. Vote for more governments, or get off this world which is spinning out of control and join the ranks of the Absolute Austro-Libertarians. History is in our side (for now).

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