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Taxes Always Have A Silver LiningToday a man was sentenced to six months in prison (suspended) and three year probation. Furthermore, he was ordered to pay 56.5 million to the Treasury. If he does not, he will be imprisoned for one year, this time for real. And to add insult to injury, this man was ordered to pay half a million in costs to the state.

And what terrible thing did this man do? Did he threaten to kill a person? Did he injured somebody? Was he at least mean to a kitten? No.

He did not pay a Value Added Tax on the salary he earned by himself and paid to himself. That's right. A self-employed person did not pay Value Added Taxes on the money he received as a payment for his labour. Sound ridiculous? Of course it is! Even more considering that this ridiculous sentence was handed down by a so-called Supreme Court!

And where did this happen you ask? Perhaps in a dictatorial country or a fascist one? Nope. At least not formally. It happened in an utterly socialist one: Norway.

Can you imagine this scenario? A person got squeezed by the biggest protection racket in town: the government! And as if this would not be ridiculous enough, this person got blackmailed by the so-called highest court in the land!

At this point we would like to remember readers how similar judges "Nazified" the law under Hitler under by introducing the "precocious juvenile criminal" concept which allowed them to sentence children to death. Sounds familiar? This child is so, so evil that we will judge as if he is an adult.

Or how similar judges were willing participants in the USSR's Article 58 of the Penal Code which allowed the imposition of up to and included the death penalty for "anti-soviet" activities. What is the difference between an "anti-soviet" activity and an "anti-social" one, particularly when referring to taxes? None whatsoever. They are both a figment of their imagination at best and a blatant blackmail action at worse.

If there is a class of people that are utterly soulless it is the judge class. Why? Because they always hide behind the law with the excuse of having to be "detached and objective". In other words, they support whatever is in the letter of the law regardless of how stupid the idea it may be. Worse. They elected that so-called profession and they elected to hide behind the law and they elected to represent tyrants and political despots. They chose to follow this profession knowing full well that they are SFL (Set-For-Life) all expenses paid by the suckers they get to judge (that would be you, if you haven't clued-in yet). Nice.

Judges are the tip of the spear when it comes to persecute people who only want to keep the fruits of their labour. Now remember kids, the guy that was sentenced here did nothing wrong. He did not steal the money. He worked for it! And before you argue that this would be unfair since everybody else is paying taxes, have you considered the fact that those taxpayers are the ones in error? How do we know this? Because if taxpayers would be happy to pay taxes, such persecution would not be necessary in the first place! The whole point is that taxpayers pay taxes because they are forced to do so at gunpoint.

And so, in this day and age when more and more retarded laws and regulations are added to our already overloaded legal books, we find that more and more freedom fighters are persecuted and prosecuted for the crime of having done precisely nothing!

Mark our words.

A few decades from now people will look with disgust at judges who today rob and send innocent people to prison for the "crime" of not submitting to armed blackmail. Because please do remember kids, our taxation system is only different than a "protection" scam in the sense that our taxation system is far more bureaucratic. In this sense, a "protection" scam is far more cost effective… because, never forget, in addition to being gouged taxes we also have to pay to the gougees!

And there you have it. Our wonderful, wonderful way of life… mobster style. Enjoy!

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