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Four Generations of a FamilyTHE POLITICAL WORLD IS FLAT

And if you continue this course, you will fall off its edge. This is pretty much the lesson that is burned into children’s brains through their basic educational years. Socialism is a flat world and going in any other direction too far away means falling off the cliff. This way of thinking is totally, completely and utterly irrational yet it is accepted as true by most people. This is in part because there are no previous generational memories to be passed from parent to sibling, the parents have failed. To complicate matters, the basic educational system is specifically designed to support social democracy through indoctrination and from a principle of authority, hence making it to be adopted and believed without questions. To further seal this deal, there are two more contributing factors enforcing this position:

  • Peer pressure
  • Lack of objective research and educational materials

Peer pressure

This is easy to understand. Who wants to be the only person within a group with views opposing everybody else’s? Who wants to be bombarded with arguments all the time? Who wants to live in ridicule and in a defensive mode throughout the formative years? Nobody. Life is stressful enough without adding more. Therefore children simply give in. Can you blame them? Of course not. Let’s assign blame where it belongs: politicians.

Lack of materials

This is again a government-induced problem. Take a look at Economic, Social, Educational, Religious, Moral, Philosophical or Political institutions of “higher” learning, such as Colleges and more importantly Universities. Take a look at how many of them are teaching and, more importantly, researching subjects that are outside of the realm of “accepted” socialist doctrine? Almost none. All meaningful Economic schools are Monetarist. All meaningful Social schools are socialists and do not consider individual action. All Political schools are biased towards social democracy. Same goes for Religious and Ethical schools. Their most basic premise is that the good of society trumps the good of the individual (although there are exceptions to this rule). And so on. Have you ever asked yourself why? How come that hard-core sciences are hell bent on researching everything they see fit and will fight tooth and nail for scientific freedom while all the so-called “social” sciences are single-track, one way only: the socialist way.

This is no coincidence.

There are two factors at play here. The first one is that in academia you either publish or perish. However, in order to publish your publication must be reviewed and accepted by “peers”… who happen to be of socialist views. Humm… what do you think will happen to any non-socialist views? The second one is money. Politicians are not stupid. They fully understand that they need theoretical justifications for their theories and as such they magnanimously fund researchers of the socialist view. This overfunding of the “correct” point of view has a secondary side-effect: views opposite to socialism are being buried under an avalanche of socialist thinking. All these effects invariably lead researchers not to develop publications holding views opposite to socialism. The final consequence is a widespread lack of learning/teaching materials. And again we must assign blame where it belongs: with politicians.


We have outlined why the generation born in the 60’s has lost their memories. However, the situation is much, much worse for the generation born in the late 90’s. Those born in their 60’s had the chance to ask their parents as to their direct experiences, however, those born in the 90’s would have to go back two generations to be able to do the same. Realistically speaking, does anybody believe that a late-teen child will bother asking grandpa (of 85 to 90 years old) for their point of view or experiences? In the remote event they still have them? Of course not! The cultural differences of one generation are difficult to breach; for two generations is impossible. And so all children born in the late 90’s have no memory whatsoever of what worked in the past, what did the past looked like (the educational system makes sure of this) and they can’t research the topic by themselves (even if they want to) because of lack of educational materials. Check.


There are, however, some good news. As we grow up we develop the tendency towards disbelieving authority and we begin to question. Not too many people do this and very few to the extreme we at F&P do so, but they do. During this process they discover that reality is not what they have been taught and this typically angers them. It could not be otherwise because they have been cheated. Once they find themselves in this situation, they have the tendency to pass some of their disbelief to their siblings. Some of the memories politicians have worked so hard to supress are coming back. Slowly. Painfully. But they are coming back. The seeds of healthful disbelief have been planted.

There are also more good news. This socialist system is self-destroying at an accelerated pace, since it is un-sustainable. This is everyday reality that presents itself in your face and hits hard and without mercy. This is something that no amount of theoretical socialistic ideology can challenge. The system is broke and there is no fix. It was born broke and must be replaced. This is the ultimate logical conclusion that eventually a generation in the future will finally comprehend and act upon. Check mate.


Politicians in power made sure that at least two generations have lost their past memories. The entire political system is geared and designed to foster generational amnesia. This is one of the reasons why we here at F&P keep typing, to keep the memories alive and to show that every day that goes by these memories are more and more relevant. An intellectual argument can be argued intellectually, but how do you argue with reality? Particularly when it slaps you in your face? This is the final conundrum that it is unsolvable and will ultimately defeat socialism since socialism simply does not work. Period.

But then again, you may prefer to keep believing in socialism in any shape or form that it may present itself in the country you reside. That is certainly your choice. Just one warning, don’t come crying back to us when it finally collapses. We are telling you so today. Remember it.

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