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Freedom!Over time (we would say years but it hasn't been even one since we started), we have been spreading literary horror, death and destruction in an unending sequence of bad guys, monsters and evil doers.

Over time, you may think that we are nuts or just plain repetitive; whichever may come first. But the reality is that in the end it is not us. We are simply being persecuted by reality (or so our little inner voices keep telling us, despite of the heavy dose of anti-psychotic medication).

Over time, we have touched many subjects and many more will come as the drops of rain falling from our ceiling onto our computer. Need to fix the roof… but that's another story.

Over time, even our cat smiles lethargically at our writing and decides that it's better to take another nap than to keep reading; but that's her opinion and she never was a good literary critic.

Over time, we get tired, just like everybody else; but then, we keep going.

Sometime (yes, we just changed the pace of the narration) we look at all of this asking: is it worth it?

And we answer to ourselves: yes. It is. Today. Tomorrow, it will be another day.

We don't know what the future holds but we do know that if we don't do this, it will be different, in a different and negative way. We don't like this future, we want another one; hopefully better but there are no guarantees, only efforts. Such as this one.

Sometimes you may ask yourself why is that you are reading this dribble, and you probably won't be able to answer. Maybe is boredom or maybe is the thirst for knowledge, although we would not presume that much. The truth is that you are reading and we are speaking… it's a long and protracted monologue that seems to go nowhere. But it only just seems.

What's your point!?

We don't have any… or to be precise, we don't have any specific point, only to uncover reality. We don't pretend to be holders of the sacred truth nor the emperors of the divine text. We don't pretend to be intelligent, just clever. We don't ask you to believe us, just consider us. We don't ask you to follow us, only to acknowledge our existence.

Our ideas, our opinions, our deductions are but a mirror of reality; tiny, filthy and incomplete, but relentlessly honest.

Too much to drink? Smoking some heavy stuff? Not really, just reality biting our mind.

The point of all of this is to show you the connections; the consequences that actions have.

The notion that we are responsible and that in ultimate analysis (as our shrink would say), there is nobody else out-there.

You are you and you make the decisions. We can only show you the threads.

Our little cubby hole of the internet is not a newspaper and is not a magazine; it is not a blog and it is not a library, it is not seeking hits and it is not trying to be sticky.

Our little cubby hole of the internet just is. There. Nothing more.

We don't write because we seek to attract your attention, we write because your attention is seeking something else. You know that things are wrong, you just don't know why. Well… we neither… but we do have some serious clues worth considering.

And through darkness and horror we shall seek and follow wherever they lead. We don't ask you to look at the details, we ask you to look at the whole. Details are but consequences of ideas carrying on as events driven by people. People just like you and us.

And this is where we are driving you. Into the knowledge that at the end, at the very end of the way the world is, there are always people. Things do not just happen; things are made to happen…at least the ones that matter; the ones that people take away from our control.

Through our reflection we give you the facts. Through our thoughts we give you our clues. Beyond that, we can't give you certainty. It is up to you to build your universe the way you want it to be. And perhaps, just perhaps, along the way you may encounter fellow travelers walking the same path. We believe they will be your friends. We hope they will be ours too.

Think about it. The horror of today is nothing but a signpost towards tomorrow. You have a ticket. You can take the bus but, crucially important, only you can decide where to get off. We know where we are going, we know where we have been and we have gotten off the bus long time ago. So much time ago that we can't even remember the bus.

We don't believe in faith other than the one that others impose on us. Freedom is not an idea since ideas die. Freedom is a path that must be walked. Freedom is a choice that must continue to be made perpetually. Freedom and our life are one and the same.

Eventually, we will die, but in the meantime we will live as freely as we can.

We can only offer you this choice and as usual, the choice is entirely yours.


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