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Immigrant Hunting


And then we have the seemingly opposing view of the finance minister Stubb who said “Multiculturalism is an asset. That’s all I have to say”. Ridiculous! Preposterous! Laughable! ROTFLMAO!!!

Yet another politician using the “multiculturalism” card to win votes.

As we explained above, multiculturalism is an arbitrary and synthetic abstraction that has no root in reality. Saying that such a thing “is an asset” is like saying that artificial black-light rainbows are an asset. It is utterly nonsensical!


Then we have the concept of “Islamisation”. This is the idea that a given culture will be taken over by another one and that this is somehow “bad”.

Let’s begin by stating the obvious. If people don’t want to convert to Islam, they won’t! If they won’t convert then there is no “Islamisation”!!!

On the other hand, if they want to convert, they there will be “Islamisation”… but then so what? It was the peoples’ choice. After all, isn’t democracy all about “the will of the people”? So, according to the Finnish right, the “will of the people” is OK as long as it is what they tell them it is. Got it.

But then, we must remember that Finnish culture is about 80% Catholic Lutheran. But before that, there were plenty of muslims and jewish people living in those lands but before that they were pagans. We can already see the conversation between two Ukko-worshipers (Ukko being the main god):

  • Hey Aarne, have you seen the current Jewishfication trend in Finland?
  • Sure Ahti, this is terrible. Our culture must remain pure because our god Ukko is the one true god and we can’t accept religious multiculturalism
  • You are right Aarne, I’ll sacrifice a Water Vole to Ukko to make sure such a horrible thing never happens. Meanwhile, I’ll speak to Jari to make sure all those Jewish people are never allowed to settle in these lands, which do not belong to us but nevertheless we have a sacred and absolute to determine what happens to them.
  • You are right Ahti, good Finnish man!

And as history teaches us, due to the “Israelization” of Finland in its post-pagan era, Finland ceased to exist. And if you don’t believe us, check a map and you will see that where Finland used to be there is a clear demarcation stating “Here Be Dragons”… Don’t believe us, just check a map. Oh… wait…


Then we have the sage opinion of Mr Sipila who stated that he wanted “to develop Finland as an open, linguistically and culturally international country". OK. So he wants to do through government action what would normally happen should governments would not exist. No… hold on… that did not come out right. He wants to protect a natural and inevitable process that needs no protection… No… that did not come right either. He wants to ensure that Finland becomes a socially progressive country. Yeah… that sounds much, much better. Will go with that one.


Additionally, we have widespread beliefs about immigration that are grounded on solid statistical studies and have been validated through strict scientific processes. They are:

  • More refugees create more crime.
  • Refugees reject the Finnish language.
  • Refugee centres are too expensive.

Right! And Hitler was a benign and misunderstood leader. Stalin, on the other hand, was a cherished and paternal leader who managed the Soviet Union in freedom and tolerance. Right!

These perceptions are, of course, nothing more than horse manure (see for example Immigration Policies Are The Ultimate Monopoly) which many politicians do not bother correcting for… you guessed it… political reasons. If you want to be re-elected it is not a good policy to bring reality to the deluded…voters. And so nothing is ever clarified and idiocy continues.


Front and centre from the immigration debate we can find the “economic” issue. Basically stupid people sees immigration as taking from their pockets their share of free government services and giving it to migrants. The concept is that the government takes from the poor, the unemployed and the sick and gives to total strangers. Additionally, it is widely believed that in so doing taxes will go up. What is not to hate?

Who cares that typically immigrants pay more taxes that regular people! Who cares that immigrants are typically more entrepreneurial than regular people! Who cares about reality! What is important is that we have an economic axe to grind and we can already see a target. WOOHOOO!!!


Just when we believed it was all done, we encounter classic hate speech. Basically, stupid people hate immigrants. This hate venue is very unspecific, discontinued,distributed, fuzzy and irrational. Typically it is an expression of gut feeling instead of hard statistical numbers. But it is certainly appealing. Even more if you live in a democracy which does not allow your freedom, it provides everything for free but every time less and less and the economy is in the dump. It is easy to blame all calamities onto unsuspecting victims that cannot defend themselves. And so the hate angle become widely exploited by “certain” politicians, not necessarily from the right.


Well, no. Under the current retarded legal system prevalent in all countries, if you are an emigree you are… essentially… screwed. You have exactly ZERO rights and no way to get them unless somebody “in authority” (originating in the Principle of Authority) grants them to you. You are nobody. You don’t exist. You are not even a statistic because nobody is actually counting you. Emigrants are most definitively not equal to “citizens”.


So, what is the answer to emigration? As we stated many times before the answer is to get rid of all governments. All these emigration issues are triggered by the very existence of governments. If borders would not exist people would be free to move from one place to another, the only condition would be that they would have to interact with other peoples’ properties through voluntary agreements. Travel, stay, work and so on would have to be agreed between people. Beyond that, you would be free to travel as you see fit.

Furthermore, should governments would not exist, the vast majority of reasons for the displacement of people would not exist. Wars? Gone! Political persecution? Gone! Economic differences? Gone! In those conditions most people would not bother emigrating thus solving the emigration problem in the first place!

Additionally, with lower levels of emigration and absolute control of their properties in the hands of people, cultural differences and points of view can be preserved. Should people be extreme xenophobic, they could organize their own closed communities. Should people be open, they could organize their own open communities and so forth. The libertarian model supports all points of view in simultaneous coexistence. No rules required other than the mutual respect of private property. Simple. Effective. Easy.

No more political horse manure about “our” culture or “their” invasion or “stealing” taxes or “societal” needs. Everybody can arrange their own affairs as they see fit. Period.

Libertarianism is the answer simply because it works. Sure. It is wonderfully chaotic and intently personal, but so what? If you want the absolute sense of belonging, join a cult or a BDSM group! It will be nobody’s affair but yours and will do wonders for your ego.

Why should people get to decide who can move where if they don’t owen such property? Why should people get to decide how you can manage your property? It makes no sense whatsoever and this is the very core of the issue. People that has absolutely nothing to do with you are controlling you. For no reason. Based on the fallacy of the Principle Of Authority.


Immigration issues being faced by Finnish people are by no means different from any other country. Furthermore, these issues are presented as binary options (option “A” or option “B”) to polarize people and gather votes. In reality there are an infinite number of options because each person has the right to decide for themselves. What politicians are doing is not oversimplification but downright manipulation. They do so for profit at polling time, but they also do so because they are trapped in the closed-box called democracy.

Knowing this, our only option is to break free from the box. For as long as we are inside the box, there are no solutions, there is no escape.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, just the majority of them. Approximately. More or less. Perhaps more than the rest. Some of them? Just kidding.

We claim that we can show you the general direction in which you should move should you wish to actually make a difference in the world. But our teachings come with a disclaimer; it is your life and as such you must take responsibility for your decisions. Think! Is all we ask. Whether or not you decide to join us, thinking is a gigantic step for humankind. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Unless you enjoy being pampered, told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Unless you enjoy being a slave. That’s OK. That’s your prerogative. All we ask is that you make this decision using your brain, not your gut feeling. Tall order, we know. Think now. Thank us later.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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