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In today’s edition of the French newspaper Le Monde, there is a cute little summary describing the troubles Greece is facing. It would be funny if it wouldn't be affecting so many people so needlessly. Greece is in a death spiral. We saw this before, we told you so and we showed you the model Greece will follow. In short, Greece bites the dust.

The newspaper reports that:

  • SNCF (the French railroad company) would be interested in buying Greek railways
  • It will take Greece 6 years to return to pre-crisis economic levels
  • The recession is easing slightly
  • The next bailout will not exceed 10 Giga-dollars (US Billions if you really must…)
  • The unemployment has reached record highs

Allow us to translate:

  • Greece is selling any and all government properties just to seem to be afloat. It won’t work. It’s a fire sale event! Everything must go! And it will…
  • It will take Greece 6 years to recover. Yes, you got it, it is wishful thinking at its best. It will never recover. It will be like the Mexican “mañana” (tomorrow). Recovery will never come.
  • The recession is easing slightly… until it stops easing and starts falling off the cliff. These little “mini-springs” are typical in dying countries.
  • The next bailout will not exceed 10 Giga-dollars ROTFLMAO!!! (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off). Sure, sure, and if you believe this one, I have a deal for you. I am selling a unique building. Granted, it is a bit old but it is quite a tourist attraction. You may have heard of it, it’s called the Great Pyramid of Gyza.
  • The unemployment is at it’s record, but don’t you worry, there will be another record, and then another and then another… you get your gist.

We have showed you the model all countries will follow:

  1. Inflation (5% to 15% yearly)
  2. Private pension funds = your Retirement Monthly earnings will become meaningless
  3. Social Security funds = no more Unemployment insurance, no more Welfare
  4. Health Care = no more free Health Care
  5. Military = massive layouts in military bases
  6. Large inflation (15% to 30% yearly)
  7. Selling public hard assets = no more public buildings or land, parks or leisure locations
  8. Privatization of essential services & infrastructure = large rises in the cost of Water, Electricity, Phone, Broadcasting, Transportation, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Food, Roads, Public Lighting, Security and eveything else
  9. Hyperinflation (over 30% yearly)
  10. Private contingency funds from companies = Companies go bankrupt
  11. Default

And Greece is no exception. The only question is who’s next? Will it be your country? Are you prepared? No? You should. See our article Poland nationalized private pension funds.

The future (the ugly future) is just waiting for you, courtesy of your government and the deprecated Democratic system.

Unfortunately, stupidity is always the last thing to go.

Now you know. You can choose to ignore the facts or do something about it. Your choice.

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