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Fear Just Say No!You are scared. You feel terrified. You know that you are a target. You know they are coming after you and there is nothing you can do unless you can find a white knight; a bodyguard that will protect you, a courageous and fearless fighter who will face them. All you need is a hero. Not too much to ask.


This is how we all feel when confronted with corporations. They are the monsters and we are the flies about to be squashed. We feel powerless. We believe that corporations operate on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. We have no bargaining power and they are exquisitely fine-tuned to squeeze us like oranges. This much is normal. We have all heard the horror stories about this or that evil, evil corporation doing everything in their power to extract down to the last drop of wealth from unsuspected victims. And then, our hero enters the scene.


In our hour of fear we turned to governments to protect us. Who can blame us. We saw a monster and created a bigger monster capable of confronting it. We gave our monster its marching orders and away it went. Fighting the good fight on our behalf.

In the beginning it seemed work. Corporate monsters were tamed and trained to sit, bark and roll like good puppy dogs. All was well and we were happy. And so we recalled our monster back to its lair to remain dormant until needed again.


But our monster did not go back. Our monster marched on, but this time obeying its own orders seeking its own goals and objectives. And our monster spoke to us:

"Puny people. If you do as I say I promise you a comfortable life. But if you disobey me, if you doubt me, if you turn against me, my punishment will be swift, terrible and merciless."

And so we obeyed. And so we became "good" people in order to survive our monster who was ours no longer. We doubled, doubled, toiled and troubled. We kept our heads low and our spirits even lower. We accepted the new policy of control and we were no longer.


And the trap fully closed. In front of us, corporations, behind us, governments. We are now fully trapped. Worse. Corporations are making deals with governments and so we are now terrorized by an alliance, partially of our own creation. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. There really are no options.

Most people, out of denial and desperation, continue to vote believing that they can change reality; that the monster we created can be tamed again. But it is not to be. The monster evolved very much past our control.


The only solution to this situation is not to believe in new-and-improved governments (now with less bureaucrats) but in an old-and-known-and-tried solution: the free market. The time has come to believe in us; in each and every one of us. We have grown and with growth comes maturity. The human race is now mature enough not to require training wheels on its behaviour.

We can foolishly attempt to slay the monster and in so doing battle against what was designed to do battle and lose… or… we can take its power away.

This is the key.

The real key.

Our monstrous governments have all the power and brute force we gave them in order to battle power and brute force. However, their real power rests with us.

We are the only ones that can say No More!

We are the only ones that can refuse to fight!

We are the only ones that can help them no more!

The nature of the beast cannot be changed and by fighting it we only make it stronger. No. Battle is not the way forward.

Disregard is.

Information is.

Self-protection is.

The solution is to strip the monster down to its bare bones and see it wither and die. The solution is to regain our freedoms back.

The solution is to recognize that its power base is us… and then deny it.

Of course, we are only humans and our natural tendency is… to do nothing. That's all right! We know that. They know that. Everybody knows that. That's not the point. The point is that eventually and through government action a point in time will come when you will have to make a decision. And then, to do nothing, your very human tendency to do nothing will be the correct answer. Because then, do nothing will mean to do nothing for the government. It will mean stop behaving as the source of power for the government. It will mean ignoring and disregarding the government.

Then, and only then, will we recognize that we are on our way to a better world. To a better tomorrow. Free from monstrous interference. Free to pursue our happiness in any way we chose to do so. Free to look into the future and see endless possibilities. Free from trivial clichés and centralized propaganda. Free to decide by ourselves who we are and where are we going. In a word: Free.

And then, and only then, we will realize that our original fears were not true. That we have met the corporate enemy and it was us. Because we are corporations. Corporations of one. We are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs of our own lives. We.

And then we will realize the simple truth that we cannot exist without ourselves. We will realize that as much as we need us, we also need ourselves. We will realize that creating a monster to protect us from ourselves was a terrible mistake. We will realize that it irrevocably leads in only one direction: to misery and death. And in so doing our lives will be better. And in so doing, our future will be incommensurably better. And in so doing we will be Free!


Our corporate fears are real, but mistaken. Our incredible misunderstanding of free markets lead us to create the very monster than oppresses us. Our very golem. But as with any golem, if we retrieve the very words that brought it to life, we can kill it. It is very simple; all we have to say is: No! And we will. Eventually. Our only hope is that this future won't be too late for humanity. Our only hope is that this future will still have some future to had and not just death and destruction. Our only hope is that when the time comes, there will still be enough of us, humans, to say no!

Unless you prefer to remain as a slave to your own creation. That's all right. After all, slaves are humans too… unless your master says otherwise.

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