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Toilet Justice Time WasteThere is a lawsuit going on in California that is supposed to rewrite legal history. A bunch of kids have taken the government of California to court because they demand to have access to highly qualified teachers. According to them this right should be fair and widespread as a matter of equality. You can read the whole article in The Daily Beast.

The basic problem is that according to California laws after 18 month it is pretty much impossible to fire a teacher. Because of these laws it is also impossible to retain good teachers. To make matters even worse a new contract was recently signed weakening evaluations of teachers, reducing instructional time and shielding teachers with disciplinary records or with a history of sexual misconduct.

There is a great deal of expectations on this trial because it is hoped that it will fix the broken Californian educational system.

As we have mentioned many times before, this is a gigantic waste of time. We are dealing with governments as well as artificial monopolies. None of these powers look lightly upon the curtailing of their powers. Californians will do well to remember how this problem started. The original of Californian laws as well as teacher contracts were designed to be relatively fair. However, over longer periods of time the fairness and common sense of such dealings were heavily compromised by political interests. Eventually, bureaucrats and politician's manage to distort everything. They did so through union power and regulations.

Even in the event that this lawsuit succeeds, it will be absolutely unlikely that such corrections will hold over time. They may bring some degree of relief but they will not solve the problem. There is only one correct solution to this problem. The solution is to remove all the elements that make teachers and politicians unaccountable to people. As this is not possible within a political system because politicians do not depend upon people, it must be done outside political systems. Privatizing schools may work for a little while but eventually politicians will do exactly what they did before. The only permanent solution is to remove politicians from the equation altogether. This is the only reassurance Californians have that this won't happen again. Anything else is folly.

It is very likely that either your children or the children of somebody you know or care about are exactly in the same condition. This is not a coincidence nor is it an isolated case. This is how governments operate. This is their default behavior.

You can choose to continue supporting such a system or you may choose a better option. Take your time; the only thing at stake is the education of all future generations. Not your fault but your decision. Choose wisely.

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