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We Are Not With Idiot


But when it takes a whistleblower to sound the alarm, it is cause for even greater concern. It signals that democracy’s checks and balances have all failed, that the breakdown is systemic, and that severe instability could be just around the corner.

Really? So…a whistleblower is necessary to sound the alarm? Hum… This may come as a surprise to you, but the OECD has been in the business of helping governments steal money more efficiently for several years now (actually about a decade). They know it. Governments know it. Everybody knows it. So, what the heck are you talking about??? Why is that we need a whistleblower to sound an alarm that has been going on so loud and for so long that pretty much everybody is deaf by now? You clearly inspired the slogan, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

But let's go a step further. What do you refer to when you mention "democracy's checks and balances"??? You are obviously the type of person who stare at frozen juice cans because they say, "concentrate". The "checks and balances" you refer to are strictly for governments, you ape brain (with all due apologies to actual apes). The whole frigging point of having checks and balances in governments is to ensure that governments, yeah, that's right, governments, do not, repeat, not override peoples' rights! Not the other way around. But then again, in your little parallel universe it is obvious that governments have all the rights and people (those puny statistical numbers) must have "checks and balances" to keep them in line… exactly as in Communism. There! Alles In Ordung!

And then you come up with the ridiculous notion that "instability" (presumably economic) is imminent by implying that this is so just because those people -allegedly- have been evading taxes. Right. So, the fact that since 2008 Central Banks have printed in excess of 50 Trillion (USD or EUR - it does not matter at this point), that this fueled a derivatives market which now exceeds 1.5 Quadrillion (again USD or EUR), that there are financial bubbles all over the world, that governments keep spending our money in boondoggles and so forth, this, all of this, has absolutely nothing to do with the impending financial crises. No sir. It all comes down to a few people evading taxes. Of course! Silly us. Obviously, you have a Teflon brain - nothing sticks. If you want our advice, a lobotomy at this point seems like a good idea and will most definitively improve your cognitive abilities… it will rise your IQ from a rock to a vegetable.

So now is the time for real action, and that starts with asking questions.

Sure. We need to start asking why do we need governments at all! For once you got one right.  That would be one… out of… how many? Nevermind… Well, this proves that nobody is an absolute and total idiot!

Historians can easily recount how issues involving taxation and imbalances of power have led to revolutions in ages past.

Really? Where? Because besides the US revolution that was supposedly based on "no taxation without representation" (and even this was a post-facto slogan - do your homework), no other revolution has happened based on taxation alone. As to imbalances of power, well, hate to break it to you but democracies are humongous imbalances of power.  Don't know if you have noticed, but democracies are -best case scenario- tyrannies of the majority and -worst case scenario- tyrannies of an oligarchy! So, what imbalance of power are you talking about? Everything in the current world is based on imbalances of power. Furthermore, imbalances of power are precisely the engine of all successful economies as our motivation to do economic labour is precisely to ease discomfort; to make our lives better. No imbalances of power, no successful economies! Not to mention the fact that imbalances of (economic) power -we are assuming your mental diarrhea refers to them- originate in successful entrepreneurship… which is what provides all the goods and services people need to make their lives easier. Unless… those imbalances originate in government corruption… for which the only solution is to remove governments altogether! But apparently nope. Apparently there is a magic fix that you will provide sometime in the near future… any time now… sure… If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest person on earth.

Then, military might was necessary to subjugate peoples,

Huh? In which planet? If you would bother reading current, contemporary history you will realize that most so-called revolutions (more accurately coup d'etats) have been executed by the military! Which exist solely because, again, governments enable their existence. You must be the arithmetic man -- you add trouble, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance.

whereas now, curtailing information access is just as effective or more so, since the act is often invisible. Yet we live in a time of inexpensive, limitless digital storage and fast internet connections that transcend national boundaries.

Of course!!! In a world that is as interconnected and distributed as never before curtailing information has become much, much easier than in the past… oh… no…hold on…in a world where communication is becoming inexpensive transcending national boundaries and digital storage has become limitless it so much easier to curtail information than…no… no… wait… we'll get it right if you only give us a minute…because curtailing information in the current world where the cost of data is dropping precipitously towards zero it is so easy to censor it… hold on… because in the current world with censorship resistant systems such as Tor or I2P, curtailing information has become routine…uhg… sorry… how about this… in this age where information travels boundless at the speed of light in a distributed internet system, curtailing it is often invisible…nope… we just can't do it. We need your wisdom here. Helo? Helooooo? Helooooooooo? Guess not.

It doesn't take much to connect the dots: from start to finish, inception to global media distribution, the next revolution will be digitized.

Or perhaps it has already begun.

Sure, if you are an archetype of this revolution of yours, then we are all screwed. This is so because you connect the dots, from erroneous start to ridiculous finish and expect correct results! Garbage in and garbage out. Look, this is not complicated. All this artificiality comes about because of your deluded socialist/communist ideas combined with government action. You noticed we said "artificiality" right? That's the key word that you should focus on. All you are experiencing, all you are trying to fix (it being unfixable) comes about because it is artificial nature. The events originate in ideas and concepts bolted on top of free markets which are, in essence, anti-free markets! Should we then expect a surprise when they don't work, when they screw up everything? Of course not! Only a brain-dead person such as you can be surprised. Hello… Helloooooooo? Anybody in there? Guess not…

And what has this to do with your "revolution"? Nothing and everything. Everything in the sense this is the very root cause of all of current problems. Nothing in the sense that your revolution won't happen. Not now, not soon, not ever. Get used to it. You are not even an ink blotch in the marginalia of history. Deal with it!


Dear reader. We thank you for enduring the tortuous path throughout all the installments of this article. We apologize for its length but it was necessary. The point we are trying to make is not that such diatribe is highly uncommon but that it is common. Be truthful. How many of the concepts that he spewed in his "manifesto" stroke a cord in you? Dare we say anywhere from several to many? Camon, be honest. There is no shame in it.

Now you understand our intention. It is not that this person is deluded but that the delusion is viral and it has affected the entire population of the world, you and us inclusive. We managed to get self-vaccinated through hard labour, diligence and doing our homework. You, we are afraid, you are still infected… yet, if you are reading this site you are getting vaccinated. You are on your way to become a recovering democrat and that is good. Actually, that is encouraging!

Now, go to your room and ponder!

… or not…

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.


PS.: a few things we believe apply to the author of the manifesto but we never got around to use.

You have diarrhea of the mouth; constipation of the ideas.

You're so dumb, blondes tell jokes about you.

Your family tree is a tumbleweed and you are living proof that there is no vaccine against stupidity!

So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey but nevertheless you decided to act on it.

We all spring from apes, but you didn't spring far enough.

You are so stupid that you should have signs on both ears saying "Space for Rent". People say that you are the perfect idiot. We say that you are not perfect, but you are doing alright.


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