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Your Financial FutureThat's it. It's over. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it. The financial world it's crashing down like a pile of dominoes. This is the big one. What we have always been expecting. All the signs are in there, the writing is on the wall, everybody is saying it, nothing is getting better, OMG!


Not the clue.

According to the World Bank the "perfect storm" is coming, and they should know because they forecasted the 2008 debacle with sooooo much accuracy… Oh… wait… There is a confluence of disastrous things that are happening all at the same time. The Chinese markets are collapsing. This evaporated about… Oh… "Only" 2 trillion USD. And this is just the beginning. Then, we have the happy, happy North Koreans, who said that they exploded the hydrogen bomb, which obviously is a play to keep blackmailing the countries of the West into sustaining their ridiculous regime. However, this is not even the tip of the iceberg. This it just a glint of the reflection of the tip of the iceberg. In order to get to the tip, we have to mention:

Saudi Arabia and Iran at their throats again.

The price of the crude oil is dropping like there is no tomorrow. And as a matter of fact, there really is no more oil tomorrow.

About 40% of the chain's GDP is based on a real estate bubble… Which is soon to pop.

This means that to a large degree what prevented the 2008 meltdown, China, is not available to help us at this time. But not to worry, the Federal Reserve in the US and the European central bank are there to help us! Oh wait, they are already doing that. They papered the world over with fresh cash since 2008 to the tune of only about 40 trillion USD. And let's not forget, that the 2008 debacle was only a dress rehearsal for the main event.

We know that Beijing is in full panic mode. You would be too if you would be in charge of a government with 1.2 billion potential disgruntled people with one thought in the mind: to get you!

We know that most countries in the West and some in the East too have been increasing their expenditures (this is debt) in order to keep the entire economy from collapsing. They can't keep doing this any longer. They can't increase taxes any longer either because people simply don't have the money because people are already taxed to the limit and beyond. They can't print because this would trigger a significant amount of inflation that will surely and accurately destroy their economies. They can raise interest rates because this will kill the "nascent" recovery. Basically, whatever it is, they can't.

We know that the big economies based on commodities are also in crisis. This is no surprise because countries like Russia, Brazil, Canada,   base their entire economy on commodity prices. They are basically screwed.

And what are they doing? Dropping interest rates, some into deeper and deeper negative territory. Quantitative easing? Sure why not? Just because it hasn't worked so far there is no reason not to keep trying. It is basically more of the same. The same stuff that didn't work before.

We know that some countries, strange as it may seem, will attempt to stabilize themselves by piggybacking on other countries. This is going to sound strange because those "other" countries are also hoping to piggyback on other countries, which are of course in equally worst conditions than they are. Sounds ridiculous? Of course it is! It's a Ponzi scheme! How is this possible? Simple. It's a derivative insurance circular scheme over again. The only difference is that it is now done at a grand scale.

We know that some countries have been in recession since the 80s which is when the Japanese malaise hit the markets. These countries, including Japan, never recovered. Why should they? They had done nothing but to follow useless monetarist advice. Do you actually believe that this new crisis is going to help them? Give us a break!

And of course, let's not forget all the debacles in the Middle East, including ISIS, the civil wars, the interventions by the Western powers, the cloak and dagger, UAVs, intelligence services, rogue military, private contractors, vested interests, religion, political power plays and, why not just plain stupidity. Do you actually believe that any of this helps?

And let's not forget global warming, the ozone hole (yes, it's still there, it's still harming us, and it's getting worse), rising of sea levels, new biological threats, the ongoing destruction of our genetic pool, global pollution, energy crisis, and all around bad karma.

So far so good right?

If this article seems rambling, is because it is. This is so on purpose, because reality seems to be rambling. Most people that can actually read they are becoming afraid. Why shouldn't they be? All the issues that will read about are actually quite negative. Governments are powerless. Every second thing, every second news that we get to read points a in the same direction: we are definitely screwed.

But is it so? Well yes and no. Let's begin by saying that we really don't have a clue if this new financial meltdown is the beginning of something similar to the 2008 catastrophe, is it something inconsequential, or is it the beginning of the final meltdown. We don't know because as many economists begin now to understand, economic markets and economic systems are optimized processes. Not only that, they are really fine-tuned. It's quite simple really. You take a tiny wrench and toss it into a highly complex engine and the engine will stall… Or break… Or explode. This is exactly what the governments have been doing with our markets for a very long time. They been screwing around with them for so long that the only mystery that remains is to know how is it possible that we haven't had these problems before?

We told you some time ago that the next big catastrophe is coming. We told you that it is going to come from nowhere. We told you that an entire generation of economists is going to spend their lives trying to ascertain what originated it so that an entire generation of legislators can then devise laws and regulations to prevent this from ever happening again. This is of course, all pointless. When a complex system is destabilized it does not take much to break it down and collapse it entirely. The actual root cause event that produces this catastrophic process it's utterly irrelevant. Anything can do it. It is pointless to search for it because any other event could have done it equally. This is in ultimate analysis what all those economists and politicians will fail to learn. But we are digressing. Let's go back to our main topic.

And so is this it? It well may be! But this is not the point. The point is that we are in a crisis which may or may not become a bigger crisis. But even if we get out of this bigger crisis there will still be another crisis after this one. And another one. And another one. With no end in sight because the real origin of this crisis is the economists that are "managing" the economy for us "for the greater good", you know? The point is that whether or not this crisis is major or minor, that whether or not governments will be able to get out of it unscathed is irrelevant. This is so because you won't be able to do so. You can't print money. You can't do anything to prevent inflation from eating your wages. When you go to work you actually need to produce a desirable good or service for somebody. If you can't do that, as government employees do, then you're fired! You have no safety net. Whether or not this is the big one or not it's irrelevant. You are screwed. Your only real's choices are whether or not you are screwed in a big way or you are screwed in installments.

The point that we are trying to make is that we are as blind to the future as they are. The only difference is that we don't pretend to have a managed solution to the problem as they do. We fully acknowledge that to try to "manage" the market to get us out of this it's ridiculous! They don't. What we are saying is that the solution is not more regulation, more losses, more interference; in other words more government. What we are saying is that we need less of the same!

Let this be a lesson to you because it is going to be an expensive one. The only question is whether you will pay now or you will pay later. Because realistically speaking there is no other future. They have destroyed our future. The only solution, the only real solution is to let the catastrophe progress without interference. In so doing the cleaning mechanisms of the free market will take care of it achieving in a few short years what they failed to achieve for over the last 200+ years.

As students and trained observers we studiously observe what the Masters of the Universe are doing in order to keep an accurate account of what happened for future reference. Is it all we can do? Of course not. We are telling you this for your own education. This education will lead to your evolution. Only when the pain is sufficiently deep you will evolve and recognize that governments are no longer suitable for any purpose other than to maintain themselves in power forever. And you? Thank you very much. You don't exist. You are a statistic. You are just a voter. You don't count.

The conclusion is simple. We're getting into the age of chaos. From now on uncertainty will be the role of the day. We can't say any longer that clarity will guide us because there is a great deal of people out there making sure that we don't have clarity. Hope you have a compass, old-style, because you're going to run out of batteries. And while we are at it we are not absolutely sure that the magnetic field of the earth won't to reverse itself. Yes. It is going to be that bad.

Don't believe us? Of course not! Why would you? You have been thoroughly brainwashed not to believe it. You have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that your government can get you out of any problem at any time. Silly you. But that's OK… in a twisted sort of way. You will suffer pain. And more pain. And then some more pain. And we will be here day in and day out to remind you that this pain originates in your decision to support your government. In ultimate analysis, you have met your worst enemy and it is you. Enjoy!

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