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Making A Communist PointFor some time now it’s been known that the entire social fabric is decaying. The main culprit of this decay is, of course, the lack of stable, decently remunerated employment. This is so much so, that this new state of affairs has its own little name: The Precariat.

What is The Precariat? This is the layer of people that used to belong to the middle class and now they find themselves in the following position, job-wise:

  • High job churn (or rotation – going from one job to the next and  the next one)
  • Contracts only (no permanent work)
  • Precarious living
  • Precarious working conditions
  • Highly educated and deeply in debt
  • Unable to find work for their skills
  • Freelancing
  • Temporary tasks
  • Unpaid Internships
  • No sick leave
  • No Vacation days
  • No Medical nor Dental insurance
  • No parental leave
  • No predictable work schedules
  • No positive (or at all) office social environments
  • No adequate housing prospects

At this time and considering the just horrible, horrible economic conditions prevalent throughout the world, there is only one solution: tax the rich and re-distribute to the poor. For this recipe, we have three proposals:

The Right would like to “reactivate” the economy with targeted tax cuts… which will grow the collected tax and create more jobs.

The Centre would like to tax somewhat more and provide more subsidies to the populous.

The Left would like to do that much, much more and socialize everything.

Now Considering…

That the “millennials” (i.e. the people that was born in or around the year 2000) have been “properly educated” in the “right mind set” for the “betterment of society” which demands that “riches must be shared” and “selfishness eradicated”… for the “greater good”… what do you think they will be demanding? What do you think it will happen?

If you said socialism on steroids leaning towards communism, you are correct. It cannot go any other way. And it is precisely because of this bias that the future looks socialist in a way that it is not part-time (as it has been so far).

But why is that we stated that we need Communism? Because socialism on steroids won’t precipitate total and complete debacle fast enough. For that, we most definitively need Communism.

Look. Think! This is not hard. If you have a band aid on a hairy spot on your skin, would you like to rip it off fast (thus ending the suffering quickly) or would you prefer it to be pulled slooooooowly with agonizing pain lasting a veeeeeeery loooooong time?

Now you are getting it.

At the rate that the world is going, there is no path but towards heavy socialism. In line with our theory of how political systems evolve, most people in the “west” (whatever that may mean) have not yet tasted socialism/communism and as such they are not yet ready to evolve past it. They must go through it. They must experience the pain that socialism/communism brings first hand. The despair. The misery. The endless suffering and grayness of life. Until they do, they will always be looking towards the far left for “the solution”. A mirage, of course, but only if you know it. If you don’t, then a very desirable outcome.

But there is a better way

There sure is. Free markets. Everybody free. Just free.

Can’t work? Won’t work?

Sorry, it is already working. Take a look at Singapore. Minimum government intervention.  Result? Unbelievably low unemployment (even through the 2008 debacle and the previous ones). A miracle? No, a free-ish market.  

People have the tendency to freak out when they are confronted with a job loss because they are afraid of the future, and rightly so. In the prevalent economic conditions The Precariat is veritably screwed. Yes, for them life sucks and will continue to suck. And they will blame it all on the free markets… markets that are currently anything but free. Suckers! Idiots!

As we explained in our article Contract Work Sucks the problem is not that we are moving towards a contract-based economic life, but that the contracts themselves suck. And why do they suck? Because it is a buyer’s market. Companies can get people, highly skilled people, for peanuts. But, then again, the problem is not that they are getting them for peanuts, the question is why is that they are getting them for peanuts? And the answer is because of the terrible economic conditions. Improve economic conditions and the buyer’s market becomes a neutral market. In such market there is a balance of demand and supply of laborers and job offerings and as such contracts suddenly stop sucking. And it is at this point where it does not matter any longer whether you are on contract or not, because you will be able to get another reasonable contract with a reasonable pay at the end of the current one. But for that we must go…

Back to economic conditions…

For that, economic conditions must improve. And the reality is that under socialism, communism-light or communism, economic conditions do anything but improve. Sure, for as long as monetary reserves can be spent, people can be taxed and printing can be kept going, the going is good. But this going is not sustainable and eventually it comes back to a screeching halt. See for example Brazil Yet Another Workers Paradise.

And so, The Precariat will be demanding more and more “free” stuff from the government and politicians will be out to get… pretty much everybody… including The Precariat simply because economic conditions won’t improve. As a matter of fact, they will only worsen. We know this. Take a look at any former communist country. Take a look at their economic conditions under communism. If the argument is that “this time is different” then we absolutely, positively demand that those pushing forward this argument provide the mechanism that will make this possible. Because, you know, dear reader, under heavy socialism and/or communism everything was already done. Everything was already experimented with. If you don’t believe us, ask Mikhail Gorbachev who, realizing that Communism was a dead-end, attempted to de-communisize the USSR as a last resort.


During the upcoming years we need communism  asap. We need to get over it asap. We need to make the pain as short as possible because right now, the entire world is in the Cycle of Hell (see Argentine Default - What A Depression Looks Like). As we forecasted. But then again, don’t believe us. Keep hoping in the magical solution dressed in red, you know, the one with the hammer and sickle. Sure. Go ahead. Because the USSR did sooooo well. We are sure history will redeem them. Eventually… In about a million or so years…when nothing will matter any longer and nobody would be able to remember any more. Problem is, by then you will be dead. And well suffered. But then again, who are we to recommend against a slow, miserable and excruciating suicide, if that is your choice. Just one thing. Don’t count on use to join your club!

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