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The new-and-improved pope Francis is about to take the world for a spin. After all the efforts that John Paul II put into ensuring an iron clad conservative line of rulers to maintain the Catholic Apostolic and Roman (CAR) church in the straight and narrow road. How is it possible that after most of the Curia (churches’ princes and voters) were handpicked by Wojtyła, they go an elect a Latin American priest and Jesuit no less!!!?? The Gods must be crazy! There is no other possible explanation.

Or is it? Of course there is an explanation.

And as Absolute Austro-Libertarians, do we care?

We won’t bore you with Jesuitical history. You can get a good intro at Wikipedia Jesuits .

What we will bore you with, is what Jesuits are and do. The Jesuitical order was founded by a military man and set up as a military organization. They sought out intelligent , religious people with good world knowledge and excellent organizational  skills.

This order was offered to the Pope directly and so it remains at his direct disposal. They receive direct orders from the Pope with no intermediate bureaucracy that may dampen its efficiency.

Because of these characteristics, the Jesuits were used as Theological Shock Troops anywhere in the world where CAR’s conservative theological line was deviated from. Furthermore, because of the extremely high educational level of its members and their unwavering loyalty to the pope, they were sent upon the world to conquer it (in the theological sense). Thus, they became spies and soldiers, farmers and business people, consultants and builders, confidants and guides. They amassed a gigantic fortune, which they use at their own discretion for their own purposes.

Unfortunately, all this brain power and success in the material world, convinced them to follow their own beliefs beyond the conservative teachings of the church. Hence, they created the Theology of the Liberation. Bad idea considering that at the time the pope in charge was one of the most conservative ones in a very long time. The Jesuits were censored and a new shock troops organization was selected: Opus Dei.

Meanwhile, the Jesuits quietly came to the only obvious conclusion. For as long as there is a pope over them, they will never be free to pursue their own agendas. So they quietly gathered power and influence, meanwhile Opus Dei was playing theological world-police.

As a consequence, the Jesuits outmaneuvered Opus Dei and now we have a Jesuit pope.

This pope has already started a church reformation and has shocked many people by messaging about large changes to come:

  • Celibacy? Just a tradition
  • Theology of Liberation? Back on the Agenda
  • Opus Dei? Just another organization (read peons in the grand game)
  • Jesuits? Back on top
  • Atheists? That’s OK more-or-less
  • Homosexuality? Sure
  • HIV? Bring on the condoms

How far will this pope go? Nobody knows. The truth is that large forces will be gathering to oppose and de-throne him. Will they be successful? Who knows. They may just choose to sit and wait. He is 75 years old. How much longer can he last?

In any case and strictly from the humanistic point of view, it will be a show worth watching. It will be fun to see conservative religious organizations squirm in their seats while forced to swallow revolutionary theological ideas. Of course, this won’t last. At some point in time in the future the pendulum will swing back with a vengeance.

It is precisely because of this subjectivity and this backwards and forwards between who owns the “truth”, that the Absolute Austro-Libertarian theory abstains from taking sides. There are simply too many.  Our way of life is a way of freedom, where you are free to choose and pick whatever you want in any religious flavor you may desire.

This freedom not only allows us to remain above these types of petty discussions, but also to provide the minimum ground rules everybody can abide by.

It’s always been your choice. Whatever your convictions are, whatever you may think, our way is the superior way because is the less imposing way.

And now you know. Your choice.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.



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