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Most Austrian Economics or Libertarian critics are simply ignorant. They can't be bothered to actually read what those two disciplines propose. That's OK. Most people are indeed bored by such topics. Nature. We don't take it personally.

Alas, there is also a different type of breed; the type that reviews superficial arguments and instantaneously sides with them. This one we do take personally. They are simply lazy.

Their main argument (or to be precise, the argument that they side with) is this: if it is true that Austrian Economics and Libertarianism are so superior, how come they are not mainstream? How come we are not in an Austrian Economy and we are not in Libertarian political systems?

We have previously explained in detail why there is a process to go from one political system to another and how does it happen (see The Three Laws Of Political System Change and Political Systems Lifecycle). However, as these critics seem to have an unusually short memory span coupled with unusual reluctance to read, we will simplify the topic for them. In a nutshell:

You simply cannot replace something for nothing.

Political systems change because of economic conditions. Such conditions must become so bad that people must simply want a change. In addition to this, there must be a widespread option available to them for change to happen.

The bottom line is that: it's the economy, stupid!

This only makes sense. In current systems however bad economic conditions may be, people have the perception of receiving "free benefits". They believe so because they don't remember having paid for them (emphasis on remember). They indeed did pay through taxation, inflation and an overall depressed economic activity; but such considerations just pass by lazy people's brains without leaving any trace.

And so in their view our proposal can be summarized as follows:

We propose to replace something (what they receive today) with nothing (taking away what they receive today).

In this context it would seem to make sense. If the economy would become Austrian overnight and political systems turn Libertarian in a second, all so–called "benefits" derived from governments would cease to exist. How would you feel if government pensions would suddenly cease? Or public transport costs go through the roof? Or water, electricity, natural gas, phone and many other services would become more expensive? Or elementary and secondary schools become for–profit? Of course you would be upset!

When confronted with such a situation, one only visualizes money leaving our pockets. People are concerned with paying their debts and getting their necessities today; not ten years in the future. This is the main entry–barrier that Austrian Economics and Libertarianism faces. It is the preference of people to enjoy a little bit today as opposed to sacrifice today and enjoy a great deal more tomorrow.

It is human nature… but we take issue with lazy people because they don't bother looking at this reality. What we are saying is that the future would be much, much better with our systems; we are not denying that short term pain would exist.

Lazy people's argument is simply…lazy. What they are saying is that current politico–economic systems are superior because they prevent some short term pain should we switch to Austro–Libertarian ones!

This is the equivalent of saying that people should not take any medicine for their illnesses because it tastes horrible! Never mind the disease.

And so, as it is true that as we cannot replace something with nothing, we must wait until that "something" that they have today becomes nothing. Never mind the disease. This is the only option open to us: wait. But we don't have to wait quietly. As a matter of fact, we won't do it. We refuse to do it. We do so because when the time comes and for positive change to occur, people must be aware of other options. When the time is right, we must ensure that people know. This is now also your choice. Spread the ideas…or not. Your decision.

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