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Oh man! We are so sick and tired of hearing the same story time and time again. We need to guard against those wishing to take our freedom away. We need to be prepared at all times to fight against oppression. We need to be ready to defend democracy. And so on and so forth. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance my ass!

Allow us to translate this, one of politicians’ preferred sayings.

Politician to Average Joe translation:

  • We = you
  • Freedom = whatever we say it is and let you have
  • Democracy = the system that keeps us in power and you under us

The truth is that a system that perpetuates tyranny, even if this tyranny is directed towards a minority (best case scenario), it is a tyranny nevertheless.

A system that perpetuates a class of privileged people over everybody else and allows them to do as they please is not a system worth having and much less defending.

A system demanding to be defended against those who wish to limit our freedoms, should put itself at the front of the list if it is restricting our freedoms. It is a contradiction in terms, and a blatant one. No matter. Politicians don’t care and they know that you are too dumb to care either. But are you? Of course not. You do care, it’s just that you don’t care enough to do something about it. Things are not bad enough. We explained why in our lesson The Three Laws of Political System Change.

It is the ultimate betrayal and Public Relations con job. To convince the people you subjugated to fight for you and … worse… to make them demand more of the same while receiving less and less all the time!

This analysis is only superficial. We need to go deeper. You need to ask yourself, why would a system demand you to fight for it? Simple, because it cannot do it by itself. The system cannot prove to you that it is the best it can be. The system wants status-quo (no changes) because it is in their convenience to do so, not in yours.

The price of liberty is not eternal vigilance. One stands guard on something that is there, static. One is vigilant against something external, not something internal.

The price of freedom is freedom. The price of freedom is to exercise our freedoms because if we stop exercising them, the system will take them away.

It is a simple matter of numbers, boys and girls. We are more, but if we give up, numbers don’t count any more. This is how the democratic system takes our freedoms away. They convince us not to care. They bribe us, they cheat us, they lie to us and spin their ideas to death. The solution, the only solution is to exercise our freedoms.

You see, at the end of the day, it is a matter of perception. If the majority of the people perceive our exercising of our freedoms as something strange and alien, we have already lost. However, if most people exercise these freedoms, the democratic system is powerless to take them away. What are they going to do? Arrest half of the population? It is simply not logistically viable, short of reverting to a communist-like repressing regime.

The only price for freedom is more freedom. We are slowly slipping into the night of repression. This night is difficult to see because as with any other night, it is…well… dark. However, don’t delude yourself. Our freedoms are dying day by day and nobody is screaming bloody murder! Of course, this is the plan. It has always been the plan. And no, this is not a “master plan”. Nobody is in control. Command and control is distributed, but as a class, all politicians strive for more control, since more control implies job security and privileges for them.

Furthermore, you must remember that the job of a politician is unique. It is the only job in the planet where you have this in the job description:

  • You must lie to everybody all the time. All people at all times will demand you satisfy their wishes with limited resources. This is physically impossible. However, if you don’t do it, you lose your job. So, you lie.
  • You must inflict maximum damage to as many people as possible to keep your job. A politician’s job is upside down. In order to keep its job, a politician must rob as much money as possible through taxation and distribute it to somebody else in a manner that is as visible as possible regardless of benefits. In other words, you must remove as much capital from the production cycle as possible. In so doing, you are damaging as many people as possible.
  • You must increase your power to ensure nobody else gets your job. You do so by transferring freedoms from people to your job position.
  • You must spend increasing amounts of capital in upgrading and growing the bureaucracy that supports you, including “security” forces and “administrative” personnel. You want to run a control system as efficiently as possible. Just like Hitler did in Germany when he used IBM machines to persecute Jewish people.

With this kind of job description, is there any surprise that our freedoms are being eroded all the time? Of course not.

How can you stand vigilant against a system that, by definition, is designed to take your freedoms away? Answer: you can’t.

Some things are obvious, but just because they are obvious it does not mean they are not worth repeating. This is one of them.

The only vigilance we need to have is towards us. To watch and learn, to point out cracks in their armor, to demand and demand and demand some more, and then some. To make sure people view democracy naked, for what it is. An oppressive system. It cannot be fixed, simply because its flaws are not design errors that can be corrected, but part of the master design. They cannot be corrected. The only solution is to start anew.

The true price of freedom is a new system. A system where we get to keep our freedoms and we, one by one, get to decide what it is what we want to do with them. We. Not a bureaucrat and certainly not a politician. We. Each one of us. They are our freedoms, not theirs. We refuse to stand on guard for their privilege to rob us blind of our freedoms. Enough!

The decision is yours. As usual.

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