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What are laws and why as Absolute Austro-Libertarians do we oppose them?  Laws are simply impositions from a minority of people onto a majority of people through the use of force. Laws are truly oppression’s first resort.

As we have seen in the lesson Our Best Option Is Tyranny, we can safely assume that even in the best-case democratic scenario only about 10% of the population decides what the other 90% must do.  According to the worst-case scenario, politicians or governments don’t even represent that 10%, they represent themselves.  Through this “democratic” process, you are forced to do whatever a small to oligarchy decides that you must do.  Therefore, laws are nothing but the expression of brute force; a tool for oppression.

Assuming that we still have an odd honest politician here and there, what should they be asking themselves before enacting a law?

They should be asking is this: is the issue we are dealing with, really worth intruding into people’s lives just because I feel like it or because somebody told me to do it? Is this issue worth using violence against people?

If there were just a few honest politicians “out there” even in this dysfunctional, broken down on useless democratic system, answering honestly this question would dismiss about 99% of all laws. Yet, laws keep piling up. What does that tell you about the honesty of politicians?

Most of the punishable elements and components of about 99% of the laws are simply not acceptable because they deal with agreements within parties or worse. They deal with what the government arbitrarily considers a serious enough offense to warrant violence on other people.

The truth is that there is no magic indicator to tell us what type of violence is avoidable or what type of violence is necessary beyond self-preservation, which is the absolute worst-case scenario.  Nothing before that merits the use of violence. 

To make matters even worse, each politician in each government have their own views on how or by what reason people should be punished.

There really is no objective rule to measure what kind of violence is acceptable or necessary or which one isn’t.  There are always many other options and alternatives out there.

The use of violence is totally, completely and utterly unacceptable except as a last resort to defend one’s life against imminent harm or death.  We have provided an explanation of this fact in the lesson The Value of a Life.

To enact laws is to threaten people with brute force if they don’t comply with other people’s ideas.  This position is completely ridiculous because everybody is different and everybody has different ideas.  This means that politicians either don’t care or don’t understand what it is that they are doing. Have your pick of the answer, they are equally bad.

In contrast, in the Absolute Austro-Libertarian system, we don’t have anything beyond a minimum code which allows us to coexist. We fully acknowledge that the use of violence is not only useless; it is actually counterproductive because it lowers everybody’s quality-of-life. This is so because the use of violence always has negative economic consequences.

These are our reasons to oppose all laws rules and regulations.  Not because they are useless (which they are) but because they imply that we agree on the use of force on other people for our own personal reasons and therefore deny freedom of others.

Laws are indeed the first resort of the oppressors. You may choose now, oppression or freedom. Entirely your choice.

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