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Another Greek VoteGreek people voted en-masse against austerity. Greek people rejected the “generous offers” of the EU and the IMF. Greek people restated their independence. Hurray! For Greek people. And now can we please go down to reality?

This vote is the second in six months where Greek people clearly declared that they want more free lunches and that the EU and IMF must pay for them. It is their Greek-country-given-right to get free stuff, damit! Haven’t the EU learned as much?

If this statement seems ridiculous to you, is because it is. Yet, there are several layers to it, and if we want to get to the core of this issue we need to peel them off.


The Greek country has been an economic basket case since about 1922 but more recently since 1981 when they “ascended” to the EU. You can read a summary of these facts in the article Communism Is Alive And Well In Greece – So What. Basically, Greece is broke. Beyond repair. Beyond repayment. Beyond anything. This much we know.

Any attempt to repay any portion of the debt will create severe drops in standards of living for all Greek people (except politicians because they set their own salaries). Faced with this imminent debacle, only an insane person would accept it without a fight. This much is also a given and Greek people so proclaimed in two referendums so far.


The second layer is that Greek people are communists. Or communists-light. Or socialists. Or something along these lines. Basically, they have been brainwashed and have fully accepted that somehow the government giveth and giveth and giveth and never taketh away. After all, the government is the sole source of all wealth through the printing of money. Thus and within this state of mind they have no reason to accept any “demands” from the EU and the IMF which are clearly not part of the government. The government should stay firm and reject such “blackmail”.


All the EU and IMF proposals imply instability. Economic instability. Political instability. Financial instability. Job instability and so on. You get the picture. From their point of view their current situation is OK. The government pays and they spend. It is a good arrangement that provides “stability” and thus there is no reason to change.


As a consequence of these layers, Greek people cannot see the truth. The truth is that communism does not work. It has driven the Greek economy into the ground and masked this debacle by borrowing heavily enabled by their EU status and the low, low interest rates it brings with it. They even cooked the books quite heavily to hide this fact.

These facts were masked from public view who also turned a blind eye. People were told that they “deserved” a better future and that here was the government to give it to them. The rest? Nevermind. The rest is “government business” which you should not concern yourself with.

Within this frame of reference the Greek people could not have voted in any other manner as they did. They want more free stuff and they see no reason why it should be otherwise. This fact does not preclude the “other” fact, the fact that the vote was incredibly stupid.

What Greek people failed to understand is that it was their very own government that got them into this mess and that the only way out is to get rid of governments. All governments. Alas, they are not even close to this political evolutionary point.

And where do they go from here? They continue to spiral down into the Permanent Cycle Of Hell (see Argentine Default - What A Depression Looks Like). This cycle will continue whether or not Greece remains into the EU because this cycle is created by Greek governments and not external events.


Greeks are indeed trapped; not by their financial situation but by their very own inability to understand what’s really going on. That’s OK. They are on their way to evolution. One bankruptcy at the time.

But then again, perhaps you are a Greek who agrees with the vote. That’s OK too. Why is this OK? Because the vote is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that you will continue to have a Greek government, which will continue to make your live miserable. Hope you will enjoy it!

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