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September 20, 2015

As requested a new menu item was created. Had to shorten it from "Burning" to "Key.


February 20, 2015

A new version of the KeywordLinks plugin has been installed and it seems to work OK. You may now use parenthesis in a normal fashion.

Also, as you can see there are some extra blank spaces in the site. This is so because I am beginning the monetization process to at least reach self-sufficiency. What I would appreciate very much is an article describing the need to do so. Currently yearly expenses are in the order or 500 for licensing, etc and 30 for actual services. Use this info if you deem it appropriate.


February 16, 2015

The KeywordLinks plugin is still not working as required. If you have a Keyword, it cannot, repeat cannot be preceded by a parenthesis. This "(Keyword" will NOT work. As a workaround, leave a space between the "(" and the "Keyword). Parenthesis at the end of the Keyword "Keyword)" are OK.


February 12, 2015

Tx for the indices LIBEX and CLIBEX but you have made a large number of mistakes I had to fix. Be careful which link you use. Use the Preview button to get it right.

Delete the contents of the autogenerated link in an article to make sure it is the correct one.

For now leave a space between parenthesis and capital letters because the Key Link plugin is having troubles with it.


February 11, 2015

I have noticed that there are quite a few statistics-based articles being published. If you plan to create a new index, just publish the article to be e-mailed + the article of the index itself and I will create the new index and its corresponding blank page.


January 27, 2015

It occurred to me that some of the presentations may be displayed as a slideshare. Since running Powerpoint from the site directly is not enabled, I have installed a Slideshare Plugin. You will notice a new button at the very bottom of the presentation. Just upload a PPTX to www., get the Wordpress code, press the button and insert the code in the text box.


January 23, 2015

As you may have noticed, the site is supposedly more mobile-friendly although it still fails Google tool. Oh well.

Also I have cleaned-up a series of broken links. Please be careful how you code them.


November 14, 2014

I have created another menu linking to a blank page. Please create an index to all Intellectual Property Rights meaningful pages.


November 13, 2014

1 - I installed the Better Preveiw addon. If you go into the editor, you will noticed that there is an extra "Preview" button at the top, near the Close button. This addon creates a good representation of what the final page will look, but it also provides a good link address for unpublished articles. All you need to do is to add "" at the end.

2 - I just created a new menu item called Austrian Economics. It points to a new article (blank) also called Austrian Economics. Please create an hyperlinked page pointing to all Austrian Economics for Dummies articles.

3 -  Special Projects menu has been split in two. The key "Special Projects" now points to Socialist Indices.

4 - The Special Projects article has been unpublished. DO NOT UPDATE.

5 - Two keys have been created pointing to Socialist Indices and Default Indices. Use these instead of "Special Projects".

6 - Keywords have been sorted by alphabetically.

7 - Main menu has been reorganized for ease of use.


October 25, 2014

1 - As you may have noticed, there were some changes made to the site. Changes were mainly fixes to bugs and related problems. For the moment everything seems OK.

2 - I have added a new entry in the menu, Famous Quotes. I think it would be a good idea to add quotes you started to highlight in articles as a separate option. Please feel free to fill the page up, otherwise I will remove it.

3 - Also, there are a few impending changes coming with regards to the menu. I will rework the Lessons and Tags menu to make the whole thing more user friendly. I may need to change Categories and Tags on articles, but the links will remain the same since they are based on aliases.


June 15, 2014

1 - The Plugin for page navigation (Previous / Next) has been hacked and so it now performs according to requirements. It is no longer necessary to add a hardcoded hyperlink at the bottom of a multi-part page. Just make sure that the pages are published in a sequential order. Let the plugin do the rest.

2 - The All Categories menu has been fixed. Now it produces a coherent output when listing articles. The All Tags menu is still broken, probably a Joomla bug.

3 - Additionally, as changes to the front end affect articles, some of them will be re-conditioned (links, dates, etc). Do not fret if you see that your article has changed authors or editors. The content will NOT be altered, just navigation / pagination / publication date / etc. Admin stuff.

4 -  Statistics indicate that the smaller number of viewers occurs during Sundays. For now do NOT publish articles on Sundays. This may change in the future according to viewer preferences. Stay tuned.


June 12, 2014

Several changes:

1 - You now have access to purging the cache. Do so if you make an article change and you would like to see the changes right away.

2 - Sitelinkx is gone! It was killing the website. It was replaced by the Keywordlink Module. Unfortunately, there is no way to produce a single menu entry. In order to access the module, go to Extensions, Plugin Manager and search for Keywords. Open the module, do NOT change any setting and add the link at the end of the table at the bottom.

The format for the link is as follows:


  • Keywords are cap sensitive
  • Do NOT use any character other than letters and numbers. It will KILL the site.
  • The keyword MUST begin and end with a space

3 - The new Read Less plugin has bee installed and it works OK. The default settings for pictures have been inputted. These are the rules of the game:

a - Always add a pretty picture at the beginning of the article. Read Less will pick it up.

b - Set up the picture as Border = 10, Horizontal Space = 10 and then add the following CSS code: "border-width: 10px; float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-left: 10px;" without the quotes and in this order. These settings have been optimized for proper viewing.

4 - As usual, all other pictures must be 600px with with auto resize for length.

5 - Still working on the front end


May 25, 2014

The Forum is up and running and all your UIDs have been set-up using the standard password. Please log in and change it. You all have moderator privileges.


Feb 20, 2014

Post-dated articles continue to be a problem. Please *double* check the dates to ensure year and month are OK.


Feb 2, 2014

If you post post-dated articles, please be *very* careful about the Publishing dates. If the dates are not correct, the automated e-mail system won't operate properly and the articles will appear out of sequence!

Also, please be careful with the year. I just found an article post-dated to 2017!



Jan 16, 2014

As of today, the plugin TitleLink was permanently disable because it is faulty.

Please hardcode all links at the bottom of the page leading to the next part of articles.

I will update all existing articles up to the last one as of today.

Starting tomorrow, it's up to you to hardcode everything.

Meanwhile, I will continue to search for another viable solution.

In order to hardcode a link, you will need access to the object ID of the article. As this cannot be obtained through the front-end, I have enabled the back-end at Please login using your standard UID and PWD.

Also, you have not changed your password from default!!! Please change it!!!



23 Dec 2013

The Previous / Next plugin was disable due to failure to perform as required. It is not possible to pass from one article to the next without mayor changes to the menu and article structure.

In its replacement, the plugin TitleLink was installed.

In order to add a link in multi-part articles, the following code needs to be inserted at the bottom of each article:

TextLink Example


Text: indicates normal text

Article Name: indicates the name of the article to be linked to

  • DO NOT use "Lesson #XXX" or the plugin will get confused
  • DO NOT use the character '#' or the plugin will get confused (use normal linking)

Space: required

Apostrophe: required

Hyperlinked Text: Text that will appear as the link

Existing articles will be fixed by Admin, but further new articles will have to be addressed by Authors or Editor.


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