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Its My PropertyLet’s begin with a harsh statement: people are stupid. Or brainwashed. Or stupid and brainwashed. We can’t actually decide but you get the idea. However, this state of affairs is not their fault, or at least it is not entirely their fault. To break free from generations of thought shaping by government agents through a lifelong learning process of so-called “education” followed by “messaging” and “information” campaigns is not easy. Actually it is really, really hard. So, we forgive them. Thoroughly.

However, and there is always a however, this does not absolve them from choosing not to use their inquisitive powers. This does not absolve them from the harsh judgement of history.

Part of this “new mentality” (or as Communists used to say: “the new person”) is the concept that the government is allowed to steal as much of your money (and life) as they wish to do as long as this theft is declared (by the government) as “fair”. Yet, this goes against our very basic greed instinct. Both things cannot be right at the same time. Both things do not compute simultaneously. Yet, people choose to ignore this blatant contradiction. They do so because they have been trained (like a pet through Pavolvian conditioning) to believe in “social contracts” or the notion that the democratic system is the only and best system there is. Of course, the term “social contract” is now seldom mentioned; in the politically correct world of politicians the code words are now “social justice” and “fair taxes”. Yet, the philosophical concept of “social contracts” is what lays the foundation of all democratic systems; actually of all systems of government. If this concept is flawed then all governments are illegitimate. We have commented about this “tiny” issue in our article Social Contracts Are A Scam. Get the hint?

Part of this “disciplining” process (we would call it political BDSM) is to embed the subconscious thought that your property is not really entirely yours, but only up to the extent to which the government let you keep it. This is, of course, schizophrenic. Clinically speaking. Really. Yet, this subconscious and subliminal plant has been so cleverly inserted in your psyche that the words “property” and “ownership” are never mentioned. The whole concept is so manipulative that it is “understood” by default through fiat. It is so obvious that no thinking is required and it is obvious because the government says so. No explanation or rational required. Yet, it is not. On the contrary, it is a plant. A scam. And you are the patsy.

Why would this be so? Why would all governments on earth insist, plot and manipulate people into believing that their property is not really theirs but only through the grace of the government? The answer is simple: greed. Greed is what makes us struggle to improve our lives and through this process to improve the lives of other people. Greed clearly starts with “our” property. The very concept of “greed” is the notion that something is “ours” and not “theirs”. Now, if “they” want to take what’s “ours” they can do so by force (which is difficult, expensive and of uncertain results) or, they can brainwash us into believing that giving is the “right thing to do”. The latter being much more cost effective, thorough and “politically correct” which has the added benefit of perpetuating “job security” for politicians.

Yet, all this is clearly bunk, garbage, manure, trash, excrement and so on.

All this monumental effort is designed to make us forget the most basic lesson:

It is my property!

That’s right. It is not yours, hers, theirs, government’s or anybody else’s for that matter. It is mine. This, the simplest of all concepts has been undermined and degraded to the point at which it is socially reprehensible and never to be mentioned in polite conversation. However, let’s repeat this again:

It is my property!

This, the simplest of concepts clashes drastically against Communism. The very foundation of communism is the notion that the individual does not count; what counts is society. As such, property must be outright owned by the state if society is to achieve the elusive state of Worker’s Paradise. Communism has been thoroughly debunked. No person with average intelligence can still believe today that Communism can work. Sure, we always have the deluded and the nostalgic, but they don’t count. Yet, when it comes to Socialism, this belief reverts!

Hold on.

Socialism is nothing but Communism light. How is it possible that while the latter has been thoroughly debunked the former keeps such high standards of credibility?

Good question grasshopper.

Socialism is “acceptable” because it creates the illusion that people are getting something for nothing. Free stuff! Who can resist that? Furthermore, socialism is… well… socially acceptable because is not “expropriating” private property. Perfect! Right?

Well… no.

Consider this. Any political system can be sustained for as long as there is money to burn. For example, if we would to take over a country and decree that all citizens must use pink underwear, howl to the full moon (at least twice a year) and use coconuts as money, we could make it work for as long as we could pay the military, police and all manners of market, financial and personal inspectors to ensure it is so. We could provide “free education”, “free healthcare”, “free food”, “free shelter” and so on, for as long as we had money to pay for those goods and services. For as long as we would do so, people would not be asking where the money is coming from. Would they care the money would be coming from loans? No. Gimme… gimme… gimme would be the mantra… Obviously there is a limit to how much money can be borrowed. And then what? Well… default.

Following on the same trail we have the “other” source of revenue: taxes. Taxes are simply forced expropriations of our properties. The difference is that this expropriation happens in terms of money and not in terms of visible properties. Governments tend not to accept tax payment in species. It is exceedingly unusual for a government to take a house or a car in lieu of tax money. Sure, they will take them if that is the last resort, but on average they do not. Hence, they can maintain the illusion that they are not expropriating “property”. See… they say… we did not take over such and such industry as communists would. See… they say… we did not take forced ownership of an apartment building as communists would. See… we are not communists… we are responsible people with the best interest of society in mind.


There is no free lunch. There particularly isn’t one if it is being paid with borrowed money. And as to expropriation goes, it so happens that money is property. By stealing our money governments are in fact, formally and unquestionably stealing our property. Property is property. Stealing is stealing. They can’t have it both ways.

Socialism does not work because what makes it work is borrowed and stolen money. Socialism does in fact expropriate peoples’ properties.

Socialism is Communism. Same principles apply. It’s just that they apply slowly and covertly. Socialists are very good at camouflaging this fact.

While Communism is a fast growing and aggressive cancer, Socialism is a slow growing and relatively benign cancer. The only problem is that at the end of the day, the patient will be dead anyways. Does it really matter which type of cancer one has if it is not being treated? Of course not.

And what is the treatment for Communism and Socialism?

The most basic lesson: It is my property!

If such-and-such property is mine then Communism and Socialism reveal their true nature: thievery. Would you purposely adopt a thieving government system? We would like to believe that people are a slight notch more intelligent than that.

The simple notion that in reality It is my property! Is the cure for all ailments that afflict democracy in any shape or form since they are all socialists in the end.

The very notion that It is my property! Is a powerful one and one that we must not be ashamed to proclaim.

If we would have a battle cry, it would indeed be It is my property!

It matters not if you are rich or poor. It matters not what you have. What matters is that what you have is yours. Not theirs. Not theirs to take. Not theirs to regulate. Not theirs to steal. It is yours and yours alone.

But then again, you may still believe that somehow Socialism is not Communism Light. You are most certainly entitled to your erroneous views. But then again, we are also most certainly entitled to tell you “we told you so” when the inevitable collapse arrives. Your choice.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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