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Today we congratulate all the citizens in advance for their most glorious day, the day they were finally liberated from their oppressors and colonial powers after a long and bloody war. They fought with distinction throughout many years of despair using whatever means there were at their disposal to wage war against the bloody tyranny that controlled them. Throughout those many years of actual and political struggle they suffered many defeats but they never surrender. They had allies who provided support but at the end of the day they liberated themselves. Throughout these dark years many heroes appeared willing to sacrifice their lives so that the nascent country may live. We salute you!

That's right! We are talking about the Northern Mariana Islands and their liberation in 1945 from Japanese colonial military forces. What did you think we were talking about?

OK, OK, we know. We should not have been so impolite. We also congratulate Rwanda on their very own Liberation Day celebrating the defeat of the genocidal RPF regime. We also wish the absolutely best to the Philippines in their Republic Day, the day they were finally! recognized by the US as an independent country.

And… that's it! Or are we missing something else? We don't think so. Oh… you mean we missed the US Independence Day? Well… who cares. The US is irrelevant.

How come? Because the US it is a has-been in terms of historical political theories/systems. The US is at the very back of the political evolution. It is truly irrelevant in this area.

Oh…well… if you insist… happy independence day to US… there! done! happy now?

Truth be told, we are not big fans of celebrating any political holiday because it seems contradictory to us to celebrate the day we all became subservient (OK, let's not be so polite) slaves to politicians.

We particularly loath to celebrate political anniversaries of countries who are absolutely decided and determined to control the world…errr…to "defend their vital interests wherever they may be located". There, polite enough now?

We absolutely despise the fact that on these occasions such countries have the tendency to jump on the high ground and lecture everybody about their moral superiority while at the same time conducting "military operations" to "safeguard the safety and property of allied people"… in countries that they invaded…errr…"rescued" by judicious (and not so judicious) use of high explosives wrapped in fragmentation shells. There! Don't you ever say that we are not politically correct.

In addition, there is an old saying that applies: never argue with a lunatic, people may not notice the difference.

Why would we call such…errr…"friendly" countries "lunatics"? Good question dear grasshopper. Consider this. Typically such countries had an almost absolute freedom, stable currency, a non-intruding judicial system, no military, peace. a ridiculously low taxation rate (mostly zero… that's right, zero percent), land and were pursuing happiness in any way they saw fit… until they "liberated" themselves.

Now that they are liberated they toil under the heavy weight of 100,000+ laws, rules and regulations issued by a cast of politicians that they don't control. They enjoy a currency that has lost about 96% of its value over the last 60 or so years. They live safe in the knowledge that their rights are almost non-existent and controlled by a judiciary which is a state on its own. The rejoice in the knowledge that their average taxation rate is in the order of 35% and lastly that they cannot pursue happiness thanks to a bureaucratic cast that determines their almost every action through a "system" that "just works". OK. Whatever. Just don't argue with the lunatic little Timmy.

Political holydays are actually a plague on this earth. They are supposed to remind us of how free we are but in reality we are so brainwashed that we celebrate our own slavery. This is nothing short of a wet dream to a Public Relation's specialist. Not only total control but total domination through self-indoctrination. We are the self-guided puppets to such a degree that we don't need the puppeteer any longer. We do his bidding all by ourselves. Truly tragic.

Here are F&P we don't celebrate political holydays because we may be a lot of things, but we are not (complete) hypocrites. We strive to do our best to deliver the best truth as best as we see it.

The rest?

The rest is up to you, dear reader.

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