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And Security For AllToday we celebrate a new year. A year where we shall see our security enhanced by electronic means in such a manner that no electronic communication shall escape the scrutiny of our overlords… err… no… that's not it. A year where we shall continue to endeavour to lose whatever privacy we still have left on the grounds that such information may be used against us… ugh… no… that won't work either.  A year of triumph when we surrender our lives to the infallible and omniscience of our divine leaders which will guide us to a better future where everyone will behave exactly in the same manner for the greater good and no dissent of any kind shall be tolerated…no… better check upstairs.

Oh, we got it!

A year of inspiration when the military muscles of our great nation shall be enhanced and improved to the tune of trillions of EUR to fight global warming… ugh… no.

A year of continuing wars which we will undertake with the understanding that over a massive amount of dead bodies we shall be able to build a better society where everybody who is not excluded will be included? No… it doesn't sound right.


A year of economic renaissance where we can confidently march forward in the knowledge that our planned economies, our manipulated interest rates and our fiat currencies will lead the way as they had done over the last 200 years; a future with an ingrained state of secure economic growth without continuous and ever-deepening economic crisis and instabilities… no… no… no… no…

A year where at least things won't get worse? No, that's not either.

Oh, oh, oh. A year of employment security? Give us a break…

A year of enhanced socialism which will finally deliver on the 200+ old promise of equality through the indiscriminate taxation of everybody and iron-fist regulations, persecution and prosecution? Noooo!

Let's see…

Privacy? Checked.

Military? Checked.

War? Checked.

Economy? Checked.

Global Warming? Checked.

Employment? Checked.

Socialism? Checked.

Taxation? Checked.

Sorry folks, we tried. Got nothing. We will just have to get drunk and forget the whole thing until the next year… which will be far, far worse. But hey! We will at least be far more secure than what we are now… just not against governments…

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