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Think!There is an old Green Movement motto which is no longer so much in favour but that clearly describes our point of view "Think Globally, Act Locally". We, this site, is not a "globalist" site but an "internationalist" site. There is a difference. Globalists want sort of a global so-called "free market" which in reality means a bunch of "free trade" agreements between countries. Which means moving from a local (or country-based) managed economy to a global managed economy. Big woops! Same ol', same ol'.

We, on the other hand, see the world as a single sick entity plagued by one single disease: Democracy.

As with any disease attacking a body, different organs will be affected differently. In the same fashion, different countries will be affected differently.

However, what we must never forget is that what we are seeing in those countries are just symptoms of the same disease. For example, you won't find a doctor telling you that your kidney or your brain caught the flu. Your body caught the flu which is affecting your kidney and your brain differently.

In the same fashion, the world is sick with Democracy and it is affecting different countries or geographic locations differently.

It is thus our job to bring back this lost perspective.

Most people have been under Democratic governments for sufficient generations as to perceive the world in terms of countries. People are always comparing Country A versus Country B. There is war in A but not in B. There is an economic disaster in A but not in B. There is high criminality in A but not in B… and so forth.

This is, of course, the incorrect point of view.

The correct point of view is the following one. The Democracy in A plunged the country into war but the Democracy in B didn't do so. The Democracy in A created an economic disaster but the Democracy in B didn't do so. The Democracy in A is allowing a higher rate of criminality while the Democracy in B is not… and so forth.

We must remember that in the same fashion as Democracy is a disease, it will affect organs (countries) differently.

Would this mean that in some parts of the world Democracy is OK? That Democracy in A is not OK but Democracy in B is OK?

Certainly not!

If you have the flu, would you say that it is OK to have it just because your big toe is feeling OK? Of course not! You get rid of the flu! Your immune system will fight the flu!

But what happens if your immune system is incapable of fighting the flu? Then, eventually, your big toe is going to have problems because you will be dead!

Well, same with democracy.

It is for this very reason that we seem to jump from Country A to Country B in our articles. Because from our point of view is the same Democratic political process that is causing the problems, not the prevalent conditions in Country A or Country B.

It is for this very same reason that you should not see yourself as alone in your country; you are suffering with a great deal of other people all around the world in different countries…for the very same reason!

Look, this is not difficult. The first step towards the cure is to determine what doctors call the etiology (i.e. origin or ultimate cause or root cause) of the disease. Then, you can devise a treatment. In our case the Democratic political theory / system is the root cause of all our problems and as such the only practical treatment is to get rid of it. But "nature abhors a vacuum". This is true for physics as well as for politics. It is not possible to get rid of a political system without replacing it with something else.

Enter Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is the next big thing in terms of political systems. It is so because it is on the path of our natural progression towards greater freedom, safety and economic wellbeing. Libertarianism will eventually replace Democracy and although we cannot say which form of Libertarianism will do so, we know it will.

But knowing in which direction a cure needs to go is not enough. There must be a mechanism. For example, knowing that the flu is caused by a virus and knowing that you must destroy said virus in your body is not enough. You must devise a method which will destroy said virus, for example through a chemical entity (such as an anti-viral) or through energizing your immune system (through vaccination).

In political terms said mechanism is political evolution, not a revolution. It is also from this perspective that we know that Libertarianism is the next big thing. Because people have been evolving politically towards Libertarianism since the dawn of human history (see The Law of Political Systems Direction).

Think about it.

If Libertarianism is the ultimate in freedom, what do you think that the first humans experienced? Of course, ultimate freedom! They were absolutely free to do or not do as they pleased. The only snag in such a life was that they were neither safe nor had desirable economic conditions and this triggered their political evolution. They wanted to survive. Well, this journey has brought us back closer and closer to their freedom. We are going full circle towards their ultimate freedom.

But there is one crucial difference. As we move towards said freedom we have also advanced incredibly fast towards much better economic and safety conditions. As such, we no longer need a political system to provide such conditions. The world is now a self-organized entity that provides economic wellbeing and safety without the need for political systems. Actually, the world has reached a point at which those political systems are a hindrance to our wellbeing and safety. It is for this very reason that it is time to get rid of them, if we want to continue evolving.

In looking at the problem from this perspective, it is clear that in ultimate analysis what triggers the evolution of political systems is the fact that said systems threaten the gains that the previous system had accomplished.

We evolved into democracy because monarchy was beginning to interfere with the gains that were obtained when we evolved from absolute leadership (as in "group leader" or "pack leader") into monarchy. In an absolute leadership situation we were at the absolute mercy of our pack leaders. In a monarchical situation there was a hierarchy to which we could aspire to (ranks of nobles, rich people, well-off peasants, etc.), not to mention far better economic conditions than before. However, when monarchs attempted to re-establish their absolute dominance over us (i.e. to behave as "pack leaders") we rebelled. We evolved. We did so primarily because those monarchs threatened our wellbeing, our better-off economic conditions. Our "wallet" so to speak.

Democracy now days is doing exactly the same. Democracy is threatening (actually destroying) all the benefits that brought with it when we evolved from Monarchical systems into Democratic systems.


We evolved into Democracy as a means to remove people making absolute decisions over our lives. But Democracy has now become a de-facto oligarchy which answers to nobody. We have severe economic constrains (becoming worse all the time) and we have severe liberty constrains (becoming worse all the time). But more importantly, those conditions have become permanent. There is no end in sight because the Democratic process created those conditions in the first place. They are inherent to the Democratic process. They are part of it. They cannot be removed or fixed in the same manner as you cannot stop breathing and still remaining alive. Why do you think that politicians have been unable to fix anything over the last 200+ years, regardless of the political parties, countries and political points of view they represent? Because they all operate within Democratic processes!

It's like trying to find a way for the flu virus to "fix" itself and become non-contagious. Even if this would be possible (ludicrous because it would go against the flu virus' evolution), what would be the consequences of so doing? Death! The only way viruses have to replicate themselves is to infect a host. The second you remove this capability from the virus, the virus becomes inert, decays and it is eventually destroyed. Thus, there is no chance whatsoever that the flu virus will play nice and commit suicide. Same with Democracies.

But how about somehow getting "good" democracies?

Look, what you are asking is the same doctors do when they have no clue how to treat a patient. They threat symptoms in the hope to give the body sufficient time to heal itself. This is also applicable to Democratic processes.

Yes, it is possible to have "better" democracies in the world however ludicrous this idea may be because reality is self-evident - do you see any such "government" anywhere in the world? That is not the issue. Even assuming that "better" governments are possible, they are still part of a Democratic process and they cannot escape the way in which such process works. Sooner or later they will bring in catastrophes. The only thing that "better" governments accomplish is to give you a breather, which will allow you to better understand the true nature and -more importantly- stage at which Democratic process find themselves. From this point of view, this breather should enable you to evolve politically, which is, in ultimate analysis, the only cure.

Of course, our psychological makeup conspires against this process and instead of re-enforcing our determination to get rid of Democracies, it only forces us to enjoy the "good times" for as long as they last. Remember the concept of Time Preference from Austrian Economics (see for example Austrian Economics For Dummies - The Criticality of Time)? The idea that we want good stuff now and not later? It also plays a role here. We want good times now not later. Thus, we don't evolve. Thus, we need a gigantic push to get us to evolve politically and thus our very own Political Evolutionary Theory so demands (see for example The Three Laws of Political System Change).

What you are seeing, what you are experiencing in "better" countries is nothing but a process of temporary wellness which will eventually be destroyed. Nothing more.

It is also for this very same reason that we speak to all people. Because sooner or later we all end up in the same place that Democracy is dragging us towards; regression towards monarchy.

In the title of this article we asked: Do You Think You Are Alone?

The answer is yes, but now you may, perhaps, understand why you shouldn't. In reality you are not alone. You are but a tiny member of a gigantic group of people suffering because of the Democratic process that controls the entire world. And we are here to remind you of that.

But, yet again, we fill obligated to defer to your point of view. If you think you are OK with "your" Democracy, that's OK. It is your right to do so. Just one thing. Over the many decades to come in which you will be alive, don't expect any explanation of all the calamities that Democracies will unleash on you to make any sense whatsoever. Remember, you embraced the maelstrom. Nothing we can do as you drown.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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