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Signal NoiseToday we are going to take a look at a topic somewhat farther away from our usual center of gravity. Today we are going to examine our expectations. This may not be of interest to you (we know) but it most certainly is to us.


To begin with, we must fully acknowledge that there are many other Libertarian and Austrian websites out there. They are better, bigger, stronger, and fancier. Whatever they have we do not. Furthermore, they are staffed by many professionals who are much better prepared than us to deal with these topics. Then why? Why insisting in duplicating efforts moreover considering that our efforts will necessarily be inferior to theirs? Why waste time and money in such an endeavour?

The answer is simple and it comes in two parts:

  1. We have a unique point of view. We set up to demonstrate that an Austro-Libertarian system can be based on a simple and executable contract. We set up to prove that everything that is necessary for an Austro-Libertarian system to exist can be either included in such contract or directly deduced from it. We believe we did so.
  2. We are internationalists. Almost every single Libertarian or Austrian website out there is either theoretical or country-specific. We are neither. We believe that certain amount of theory is necessary to explain and clarify issues, but beyond that, our task is simply to reveal world affairs under a clarifying light and from an Absolute Austro-Libertarian point of view. Not too many websites do so, actually and that we are aware of, no one.

So no, we don’t believe we are duplicating efforts.


Some times (well… a lot) of our articles deal with everyday issues. Most of the time there are no earth shattering news, revolutionary ideas or righteous peaks. Why is it so? Because the point we are trying to make is that governments and democracy not only affect us all (negatively) but they do so every day and in every issue. This stuff is as real as it gets. The theory may be nice and tidy, but in the end is reality what matters. This is real and if it is real it affects you. It makes your life miserable. You can feel the misery and you don’t really understand where it comes from. It is our job to point you in the right direction. It is our job to make obvious the connections that politicians and central bankers don’t want you to know. It is our job to confront their deprecated ideas with common sense and let you be the judge. We don’t pretend to have the truth, we only expect and hope to nudge your mind towards clarity and understanding. We can only point you in the right direction. It is you who must take the path.


Our articles, calculations and ideas must be considered as a signal sent out into the wild of the Internet. The signal is clear and stable (we believe) and it is important.


However, the Internet is so vast that our signal is routinely being drowned by a myriad of other signals. Some of them far stronger than ours, some equally stronger and the rest quite weak comprising what can be called noise. Nobody pays any attention to noise.


But if this is so, what is the effectiveness of our signal if nobody can hear it? What is the impact of an idea in the Internet if nobody reads it? Obviously none. From this perspective, we are wasting our time. Yet, here we are. We must have a different point of view otherwise we would not be doing so and indeed we have.

Here is the thing. We know that for things to change there must be a political evolution. This evolution must come from the people once they are convinced by everyday events. We cannot change this and we cannot influence this. Sadly, we cannot even speed-up these things. Yet, there is something we can do. We can spread the subversive idea that governments are not necessary. People searching for answers will be able to find us. It isn’t that these ideas will change their minds but will make them aware that other options do exist. A seed will be planted. It will grow when ready and in due time. What we are doing is to plant as many seeds as possible to ensure that when the time comes a critical mass of people understands the evolution ahead. This will serve to provide them clarity as to their direction. This will, to a certain degree, prevent some mistakes. This will, to a certain degree, increase their success rate. And that’s it! This is all we can hopefully do.


It is so that our signal may be lost in the noise, but some people are intelligent and intelligent people are inquisitive. Inquisitive people search for signals hidden in the noise and this is good enough for us. Hopefully, this site will continue to grow over time, or perhaps not. However, it has been cached by Google and other Internet “memory” places. This will ensure that at least some of our ideas and principles will survive us even if we suffer from premature digital death. We are not afraid of the noise in this age of information saturation. We are here for those who want answers, not for those who want entertainment. We are here for ourselves and our offspring. We will not live long enough to see the next political evolution, but at least we will help steer it towards a good direction and not towards the best one. We leave this task to future generations. Meanwhile, we are working on a book compiling our ramblings. More fodder for the cannon. See you there when ready.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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