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Today The Guardian in UK posted an article indicating what Medicins Sans Frontiers officials stated. They have treated more than 3600 people for “exposure to a neurotoxic agent”. In common language: nerve gas.

But that’s OK because it would be a “violation of international humanitarian law”. Oh, OK then, as long as it is clear that it is a violation of international law, then, we guess, we are OK.

Don’t you worry, these news will increase pressure on the international community to take action. Any time now. Real soon. Forget that took months of negotiation just to get a 20 people UN team into Syria to investigate. That’s OK. Diplomacy takes time. But don’t you worry, the pressure is increasing. Any time now, for real. Just don’t tell this to the dead and the dying.

Besides, we all know that the evil, evil Syrian government troops are to be blamed. And that’s OK because we can clearly separate the good guys from the bad guys. Never mind that the army is accusing the loving and cuddly freedom fighters (rebelling against the evil-doer Syrian president) of self-poisoning or killing their own people to provoke an international incident. That could never happen. Just dismiss all the info. Because we know that in a bloody, brutal, sadistical, terrifying, slaughtering civil war, all sides will behave nicely. Actually, why don’t we invite the parties to a nice cup of tea and crumpets and resolve all issues with a friendly game of Cricket?

But don’t you worry. With illustrious people such as the brand new-and-improved Iranian president condemning the use of chemical weapons, the Syrian civil-war will soon be over. Rouhani said that the deaths of innocent people by chemical weapons was “very distressing”. Yes. That’s true. As opposed to blowing them up with conventional explosives. Or ripping them apart with fragmentation ordinance. Or burning them to a crisp with incendiaries. Or slicing them to pieces with bayonets. Like in the Iran-Iraq war. You still remember that war, don’t you. There is nothing more uplifting than the person developing nuclear weapons telling you to abstain from using chemical weapons. That’s nice….

If what you just read seems like idiocy to you, it’s because it is! You are absolutely right, it is!

Our point? War is pointless. It is less than pointless.

Our simple analysis is this. This war started because there was a government in Syria that could be taken over by a corrupted person: Assad. But Assad is not to blame.

When there is an accident or a large problem in the industry, they perform a special type of analysis to determine what was the root cause. This makes sense. It is a bad idea to add a patch over a patch to a problem, because it will keep showing up. What any sane person does, is to find out what the original problem was and fix it. Once and for all.

In our case, the root cause is the very existence of a government. True, Assad took the government, but the largest source of his power are government bureaucrats. Without the logistics of controlling people, power is only an illusion.

Think of this problem in terms like this: In order for a person to control a country, it is necessary to identify and then remove from circulation all opposing people. Identification cannot begin without civil servants diligently collecting innocuous information about people (name, surname, address, religion, associations, etc.). This is the very same information that will be later used by the “Security Services” to identify “Enemies of the State”. Once these enemies have been identified, then it is up to the “Security Forces” (secret police, police, guards, etc.) to arrest and…. cough… cough… “duly process” those people (read: kill them) to “protect society” from these “terrorists”. See how it works?

Without people providing logistics (clerks, spies, police, etc.) power cannot be sustained. And one more thing. If you believe that controlling the army is enough, look at what happened to the Shah of Iran when it came to it; we all know how well “the best army money can buy” served him.

The inescapable conclusion is that without a government, this war would never had existed. Governments are the root cause of all wars.

Without governments there would not be wars.

It’s your choice, keep this in mind and vote carefully for your next candidate, or just say no (like we do)!

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