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Yeah… September 11, 2001 a few guys took over a few airplanes and crashed a few buildings and a few people died. If you are not yet bored with the story, you can read a quick summary in Wikipedia 911. Basically, who cares. 911 – A day to forget.

But they won’t let us.


The US propaganda machine, of course.

What happened? A few deluded guys flew into a few buildings killing about 3000 people. Or it was all a CIA plan orchestrated by their rogue agent Osama (the one belonging to the royal Saudi family). No.. hold on… it was all a plot of the military who blew-up the Pentagon using a non-existing airplane.  And the mayor of New York that ordered the demolition of one of the buildings. And the heroic passengers in one of the airplanes that… what did they do exactly? And the incompetent president, and his cronies…. And, and, and…

And the stories go on and on and on like a broken record, amplified and distorted a million times by Hollywood.

In the end, is a US story, and a minor one at that. Who cares.

Who cares if a few buildings were destroyed.

Who cares if 3000 people died.

Who cares if there were about 40 Giga-dollars in loses.

In the big scheme of things, in the language of the cold and calculated statistic of war, that’s nothing. Not even collateral damage. Zippo. Zilch. Nada. Not even a footnote.

Then why do we have to put-up with this manure every year? Because US is a global power and its propaganda machine has global reach.

Reality, on the other hand, remains obscure and untold, travelling quite a different road.

The truth is that whatever 911 was or was not intended to be, most of the people around the world saw it for what it really was: a humiliation lesson for the biggest and most extremely authoritarian power in the world. And that is not too bad. A little humility goes a long way.

Do we cheer for the dead?

Of course not.

We are just showing you how the US government and its military think: 3000 deaths is nothing. A few buildings is nothing.

If they can use this point of view, why can’t we?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You don’t like it? Though cookies!

The truth is that since the US president Monroe created it’s now infamous doctrine in 1823, the US has been an aggressive and autocratic force all over the world. By this doctrine the US government gave itself permission to do whatever they wanted to do, in any place in the world. And they did it, do it, and plan to continue doing it.

This US has been constantly using propaganda to disguise what is nothing more than artificial monopolistic interests and greed for power.

It is also true that other nations tried the same policy, but US was the most successful.

It is also true that the Russians defeated Hitler with the help of the US (although all the propaganda shows the contrary).

It is also true that the US forced the USSR to spend itself into oblivion through Regan’s Star Wars program (Strategic Defense Initiative).

Therefore, there are events for which we are grateful to US. But quite a few and quite far and in between.

If we would to itemize and catalogue and account for all the losses that US has inflicted on other countries since the Monroe doctrine, the numbers would be staggering.

Excluding WWI and WWII, we would have to count deaths caused directly by US personnel in the 100.000’s, nobody knows for sure. If we would to count the deaths caused in-directly by the US, they would probably be in the order of half a million people. That’s 500.000 dead people.

If we would to tabulate all the damage that the US inflicted on other countries, it would be in the order of a few Tera-Dollars. Probably in the order of 4 to 5.

What’s a Tera-Dollar? It’s a thousand, thousand, million dollars, or dollars. No, we don’t use the bastardized US term “Trillion”.

To keep this into proportion, the world-wide GDP (production of all goods and services over one year) is about 85 Tera-dollars. The damage caused by the US is about 6% of the global GDP.

Moreover, that’s only counting actual damage. If we would to add all the growth that was lost over a period of about 85 years, the number would be staggering. Probably in the order of 50 Tera-dollars or more, but let’s be conservative.

Now compare:

3000 dead vs 500.000 dead

0.04 Tera-dollars vs. 50 Tera-dollars


See what we mean when we say that 911 is irrelevant and that please, please, please just shut-up and take it like a man and not like a whiny child?

Consider this:

  • US has 200+ military bases scattered around the world.
  • US can fight two simultaneous wars, one in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific.
  • US can nuke out of existence any country in the world.
  • US can successfully invade almost any country in the world.
  • US can deploy forces and fight in any country in the world.
  • US can intercept any electronic message anywhere in the world.


If you feel that you are in danger, is because you are.

If you feel that you are being spied upon, is because you are.

If you feel that a great deal of your life is being dictated from US, is because it is.


US is the ultimate world-wide menacing power. For now. Waiting in the shadows we have China. China who will become the ultimate world-wide menacing power as soon as US declines. Will it be any better? We think not, it will be worst.

However, for now, we have US to thank for most of our world-wide troubles.

So, dear people from US, when something bad happens to you, remember that you brought this on yourself by your acts and the acts of your government. Don’t go outside blaming other people.

For any action there is a reaction. Cause and effect. You piss-off people, they will respond in kind. In the 60’s they used to call it Karma. Now, they are spinning it as “terrorism”.

Whatever, we don’t really care. The world is trying to move on from you.

Please, please, please just go. We don’t want to have anything to do with you.

So now you know. It’s all or nothing. Remember nothing or remember the whole truth. But if you do, please remember 911 for what it was: a tiny, microscopic event with no weight in the big scheme of things. Your choice.

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.



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