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Social Justice Has ArrivedThe end is near and it is unavoidable. As announced in our article This Is The End, the OECD and the governments of the world have won one very important battle. The "Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters" protocol (or as we call it Rats-R-Us) will be fully implemented throughout the world by 2018. Most people "out there" have no idea whatsoever of what this means. Eventually, it will sink-in. Just a few short years from now, when they realize that all banks anywhere in the planet are now formal government snitches, will they fully comprehend the magnitude of this disaster.

But that's OK. It's not like massive spying state organizations didn't have this information before. They did. Only naïve people believe that banks were not infiltrated and penetrated long time ago. Of course they did! What this protocol is doing is simply legalizing a "fait accompli", but it is also doing something more. This information which was previously not in the hands of regular bureaucrats, will now become available to them. In the past, you had to be a "person of interest" in order to make it to "the list". Now, this is no longer the case. The entire world population are "people of interest" regardless of where you live or what you do. This information has been passed on to bureaucrats of lesser value, government-wise. Soon even the lowest janitor in a state organization will have power over your live.

You may have noticed that we did not say "security organization" but "organization". This is so because this data grab has absolutely nothing to do with "safety" or "security" unless we are speaking about the "safety" or "security" of politicians' jobs.

But all of this is beside the point. It is a given. What interests us is what happens next.


Over the years a small number of vociferous idiots with vested interests have been supporting government grabs for…well… just about everything. They support state ownership of health care, education, roads, defense, judiciary, peace, the economy, your properties, your wealth and, of course, your life (did you know that suicide is against the law in most countries? - we wonder, is there any post-mortem prison somewhere? - but we digress…).

Over the last few years these idiots were at the forefront of state propaganda screaming incessantly and incoherently against tax havens.

  • Tax havens are evil, they say.
  • Tax havens are destructive, they say.
  • Tax havens are unjust, they say.

And on and on and on like a scratched CD. There is no end to their retarded point of view. Hail socialism… because so far it has been working sooooooo well. Got it.


However, once this OECD protocol of evil is fully in place, what then? Their main argument is that people were not getting their share of "social justice" because of aaaaaaaall those people stashing their profits in tax havens.

Incidentally, the astute reader many have noticed that we did not say "ill-gotten profits" but simply profits because this is the most common scenario. That's right. From the information that these idiots have "liberated" we can conclude that most people with money in tax havens have earned this money honestly and within the law. The only difference is that they paid less blackmail money taxes than what the mob state extorted prescribed. Once the dust is settled even the idiots will realize that the vast majority of people are not drug or arms dealers and neither are they blood thirsty psychopathic kleptomaniacs dictators of African nations. They are just people like you and us trying to save something from the greedy and wasteful hands of the government.

Once this evil protocol is in place, what then? All this tax haven issue will go away because people won't be able to hide any money at all. And so, accordingly, all people in the entire planet will be paying their "due and fair" taxes.

And then what?

Then what?

What is going to happen afterwards? We don't know. Actually, we suspect that what will happen next is absolutely nothing. We will prove this point in the next section but for now we would like to point out the implied conclusion that those idiots assume. Basically, once everybody in the entire planet is squeezed like a lemon we should achieve the Walhalla of socialistic bliss. Eeeeeevery worker on the planet will have achieved "social justice". Eeeeeeevery person on the planet will "benefit" from the "just and forced societal redistribution of wealth". Eeeeeeevery rich person will pay their "just" dues from "exploiting" our helpless society. And eeeeeeevery one of us will be happier.

That's right.

According to those idiots all the societal problems in the world will be solved because a tiny minority of people will now pay more taxes!

Yes indeed!

This assumption is as incredibly stupid and retarded as it sounds. No dispute.


And what are those idiots basing their implied prognostications on? On slightly increased "revenue" levels. How slightly? In order to answer that, we refer you, dear reader, to our article Tax Havens Libertys Last Bastion. In it we did some back-of-the-envelope calculations and we concluded that in the absolute worst case scenario (i.e. a 100% taxation of profits), the money currently invested in tax havens would provide about 8.33 USD per every person on earth per year. A lot right? Well, now compare this number (8.33) with the debt that governments are adding to every person on earth per year: 1759 USD.

And so, we have an extra 8.33 USD of "tax income" while at the same time we have a binge borrowing of "only" 1759 USD. Per person. Per year. For those of you who do not have a calculator at hand, the increase of debt is of "only" 212 times the increase of income or about 99.5%.

That's right.

Taxing all the profits from all the money in all tax havens at 100% (ridiculous, we know) will provide a whopping 0.5% increase in state "income". WOW!!


Just imagine all the things that a state can do with an increase of 0.5% in income. They could… uh… increase the salaries of politicians… or… increase the salaries of bureaucrats… or increase the salaries of the military… or spend it on political "events"… or spend it on "buying votes" or… [fill in this space with your favourite boondoggle].

Basically, once everything is said and done there is exactly ZERO chance that any so-called "social injustice" issue will be solved just because of a tiny amount of extra money being taxed.

Let's state this again:

Once all people on earth are taxed there will be exactly ZERO change in the wellbeing of people.

As a matter of fact, since this money now spent by governments won't be available for capital use, the economy will be slightly worse than before, which means that not only people won't get any benefit out of it, but they will be worse off.


And so we came full circle and we answered our own question. And now what?

Now nothing!

Nothing will change.

Well, actually, one thing will change. People that had their savings in tax havens and would have been actually able to support themselves will now have to ask the state for help in their retirement. There. Something did change…for the worse.


No. Something else will happen. All those vociferous idiots out there will now switch to the old communist tactic. Its steps are:

  1. Before the regime is fully in place, tell people how wonderful it will be once we get there.
  2. Once the regime is in place, tell people how wonderful it is now and how horrible it was before it was fully implemented.
  3. Once the regime fails to provide any improvement whatsoever, tell people how wonderful it was and that they should get more of the same.

This is what communists did, do and will continue to do. Nothing new here. As the vociferous idiots are socialists (which means communists-light) is then a surprise that they will use communist tactics? Of course not.

Will this article make any difference in their tactics or in the education of the few open-minded people still out there? Of course not. Most people are not yet ready to evolve. Besides, this tactic is still at least 5 years into the future. Nobody will remember this article... well... maybe you will dear reader. This has always been our curse. We are describing events so far into the future as to be inconsequential. Now. Yet, their time will come. Please do remember us. It will help.


We are so, but so sick, tired, disgusted, nauseated and, generally speaking, repulsed by those idiots, that we will take them on in future articles.

However, for now it is sufficient to say that what the world will get out of taxing all the money in all tax havens in the world will be…NOTHING!

Well…almost. We will get less economic activity and with it less wealth, we will get more state "monitoring" of our affairs and with it more oppression and, generally speaking, we will get more misery.

But hey! At least we will get more "social justice"… now, if only "social justice" could feed, clothe and shelter our families it wouldn't be so bad. At least we would be getting something for nothing. Instead we will be getting nothing for something. Unless you happen to believe in the Central Bank and Just Taxation fairy tales. In that case we strongly recommend you start a new communist revolution now. Why wait. The entire world is heading in that direction anyways and the suspense is killing us!

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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