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Money LaunderLet's begin by stating that money laundering is illegal and a crime in most countries on earth. This is true. But then again, money laundering is a self-defense mechanism against the constant, relentless, illegitimate and boundless organized racket through which politicians steal your money. This racket is called government.

Money laundering is a crime simply because politicians say so. There is no other rational but a fiat one (i.e. it is so because politicians gave the order to be so). We also know that all political systems are invalid themselves (see for example Social Contracts Are A Scam ). As such, any and all orders coming from people who have no valid authority are illegitimate… although not illegal. There is a difference. Legal is what politicians say it is so, a fiat dictum, something they impose on us by the naked use of force. Its value is exactly ZERO. Validity on the other hand, is what we all freely agree to do. If you donate to charity, this is valid. If the government robs you at gun point through taxation, this is invalid. There is a clear difference.

Money laundering may be illegal but it is fully valid. When you are robbed at gunpoint on the street and you defend yourself, you are praised for your courage. When you are robbed at gunpoint through taxation and you defend yourself, you are a criminal. Does this make any sense? At any level? Whatsoever? At all? Of course not. The point of all laws is to control, not to make sense. The point of all laws is to prohibit, not to enable. Laws are negative control systems; they tell you all the things that you cannot do. Among them, they tell you that you cannot keep all your money. This is called taxation. And it is for this reason that The Most Important Lesson is this: It Is My Property!

Money laundering is such a hot topic with most countries because they are all economically bankrupt. No, we are not talking figuratively; we are talking from a straightforward accounting point of view. There is a set of rules that all taxation entities world-wide are keen on adopting: GAAP (the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Any company that does not use GAAP is typically flagged for income investigation under the presumption of tax evasion. Any company except countries. Countries do not need to comply with GAAP and they do not do. There isn't a single country on earth that complies with GAAP. Why is it so? Because if they would to do so they would be instantly broke.

Let's be clear. All countries on earth are broke according to GAAP and politicians know it. Yet, they need to take steps to retain their jobs and in order to do so they need to keep spending. One source of so-called revenue (i.e. theft) is taxation. The only problem is that if people hide their money, this money is then impossible to tax. Hence, the world-wide witch hunt for money launderers. And this is our point.

People believe that the hunt for money launderers is strictly local. It is always "my" government that is persecuting people and not "yours". Your government is better, ours is awful. Well, this could not be further from the truth. All governments are awful.

Case in point. The Jornal de Angola published an article today titled "Combating money laundering". In this article the deputy governor of the National Bank of Angola (i.e. the Angolian deputy counterfeiter) says that the government of the region should take "strong measures to prevent and combat money laundering".

Mr Abreau said that this issue is not only national but international. There you have it; from the horse's mouth. It is true. Governments are out to get you and your money. It's official. Furthermore and also according to Mr. Abreau, the USA must "define a legal framework" for "appropriate international regulation" in this area. Angola has been implementing a local framework and it is now in the position to execute it.

Now consider this. If even a banana republic such as Angola is out to get their own citizens, what chances do you have living in the so-called "developed" world? Basically? None whatsoever. Take for example the EU where to date there are at least four Money Laundering Directives which forces all financial organizations to spy and denounce their clients. It isn't enough that a massive bureaucracy (such as the one in EU) is policing money, now they are off-loading this burden onto private companies. The persecution of people for not complying with a world-wide invalid racket is becoming more and more co-ordinated. Some people call this socialism. Some would call it organized crime. They are both correct. Governments are the biggest criminal organizations on earth. They have the biggest budgets, the biggest organizations and the biggest enforcers with the biggest guns.

Let's be clear. Money laundering is the duty of all free people. However, we cannot say that you should launder money because in so saying we would also be breaking many laws… even though it is simply our personal opinion and as such it should be protected by the freedom of speech (to see how well this works, see for example Freedom Of Speech Is A Figment Of Your Imagination ).

The point of this article is simple: governments are a global problem demanding a global solution. Any person still under the illusion that governments can be fixed locally is deluding themselves quite severely. Money laundering is just one of the issues that governments anywhere on the planet agree upon. Money laundering is what keeps markets free. Money laundering is what provides capital for investments which in turn increase our standards of living instead of being directed into government waste. Money laundering is a voluntary decision of free people. Money laundering is an expression of greed but greed is what created, improved and continues to improve civilization. Greed is what provides goods and services to make our lives easier. Greed is the engine that motivates us to change our environment for the better. Greed is, in ultimate analysis, what created wealth which enabled the existence of governments. Greed is everything and governments are nothing. They produce nothing and waste everything.

People laundering their money should be praised and recognized for what they are: combatants for freedom… yet, if we would to do so we would probably also be guilty of breaching some law in some country… the so-called laws against "vindicating crime". So much for freedom of speech… again.

In the end what you do with your money is entirely up to you. If you don't do it, the government will make the decision for you and this is a fact. Your choice.

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