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US Is The Centre Of The WorldWe know that the US is the only superpower left. We know so because we write in English and we use US slang (sometimes - you can call us recovering US-slangists). We know so because the Internet is mostly US news with US points of view, US assumptions and full of US people with -let's be politically correct here- "special needs". We also know so because the US economy and the US central bank and US politicians lead the world-wide debacle (with some help from the EU, Russia and China - the US can't be expected to create world-wide doom and gloom all by itself). And so being Internationalists is an uphill battle. It is not that we despise the US, we do not. The US is becoming less and less relevant (see for example Why The USA Is And Is Not Important) but they still have a few good points to make before extinction.

As we start writing this article we are sure of only one point: we don't have one, but not to worry since we are also sure one will appear sooner or later. This article began more as a gut feeling -or guts wrenching more precisely- as we look back and realize the vast differences in perceptions that exist between this US-centric world and the real world. It is a well-known secret that this is no coincidence as the CIA has successfully managed to penetrate most mainstream media "out-there" worth penetrating. As such, they make sure that if there is a general bias, this bias is US-centric. Hollywood movies dominate theaters world-wide and carry with them a US-centric view. US tv shows are all the rage throughout the world and we already mentioned how saturated of US biases and points of view the Internet is.

Is it then pointless what we do?

No. Just difficult.

We write primarily for all the other people out there, those who have not yet "drank the US Coolaid" (i.e. those who have not yet been brainwashed and have a modicum of initiative and intelligence) and a few US people who actually have the guts and the inclination of not believing everything they see or read "out there". Our purpose is to push you to think and for that you must pass beyond the US-centric barrier that has been built around your life. Now, as you think, you will disagree with us. This is not only inevitable but it is actually a good think. We don't want followers, we want discoverers. Bring it on because as we walk over the hot embers of your criticism we together are corrected and we together learn. We evolve. And if there is any hope for the human race, it is political evolution.

Thinking things through is a lost art. We are not masters but mere disciples. If you join us we can only promise we will try. And the rest? The rest is up to you.

As we look back to the year that is no more, we congratulate you for staying with us but, more importantly, we congratulate you for staying with yourself since it is quite easy to get lost in this US-centric world.

Happy new year from the crew of F&P!

Note: please see the Glossary if you are unfamiliar with certain words.

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